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Jornt Elzinga
猫 シ Corp. (translated as Cat System Corporation) is a vaporwave producer from the Netherlands. Sometimes written as Catsystem Corp.
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November 17, 2018
Serious Email From 猫 シ Corp.

From the man himself:

"Dear Friends, Fans and Followers,

Let me start this message by giving a big, big massive THANK YOU to all of you who supported me throughout the years. Thank you for all the messages you sent me when buying something on Bandcamp, messages on either Facebook, Instagram, my personal profile or Gmail.

I never thought that 猫 シ Corp. would become this big..! When I started slowing down some Sade back in 2014, I couldn’t have guessed that a few years later we would have albums like Hiraeth, Palm Mall, News at 11 or even a full VHS movie! So once again: thank you.

You might have noticed that 2018 has been the least productive year. I think we only saw Palm Mall Mars this year?

Something has happened earlier this year which caused me a stressful time and slightly depressing days or even weeks. The past five years I put others before me and didn’t stand up enough for myself. I won’t go into too much detail, but quote Lana del Rey:

“I never really noticed that I had to decide, to play someone’s game or live my own life..”

The first half of this year has been rough and I had to make a choice. Do I keep going like this or do I choose my own way? I chose the last option, a 180 degree turn in my life; transforming my hobby and the thing I love doing into a real job:


The official record label of 猫 シ Corp. This means I am registered an as official business with agreements and all that comes with it like taxes and such. The plan is to release on cassette, vinyl and possibly on CD. First releases would be new work of me and some side projects to get things started, learn the new basics and get a good work flow. When we're rolling I am also looking for other artists and/or deals with other labels!

This also means the end of 猫 シ Corp. as you know it – no more sampled music. Make sure you back it up because some albums will be removed. But don’t worry; there’s lots of good stuff coming your way in 2019! You might have heard something on Instagram…

We’re going to close off 2018 with two final rereleases: Palm Mall Mars lim to 50 pcs orange cassette: November 25th and Family. Work. Shop. Audio lim to 50 pcs cassette in mid-December. We will be back in 2019, hopefully Q2, with 100% own work and a real, official, legal, record label!

Once again from the bottom of my heart: Thank you and I hope you keep following Corp and Hiraeth Records!

猫 シ Corp. aka Jornt."

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