Peter Harenberg


German mastering and lacquer cutting engineer.

1972: started to work as metrologist at TELDEC-Studio, Hamburg, after his radio and television engineer apprenticeship.

1978: officially started to work as a lacquer cutting engineer at TELDEC-Studio, Hamburg, responsible for cutting room 1 ("Überspielung 1"), until the middle of 1984.
His signature during this time was a stylized 'H1' (ℋ1) in the runouts. Use "Lacquer Cut At" - TELDEC-Studio, Hamburg and "Lacquer Cut By" - Peter Harenberg + ANV H
Not to be confused with the similar hand-etched stylized 'Hi' (ℋ𝒾) of Joachim Hinsch.
He sporadically did cut some lacquers before 1978 though, which can be identified by a stylized ℋ. Please use "Lacquer Cut By" - Peter Harenberg + ANV H
August 1983: Harenberg switched to DMM cuts only - these cuts cannot be identified though except by the stylized 'H1' (ℋ1). Use Mastered At - TELDEC-Studio, Hamburg and Direct Metal Mastering - Peter Harenberg + ANV H

1984: In September he founded his own company "ham - Harenberg Audio Mastering Peter Harenberg" - a vinyl and digital mastering studio.

1985: After the purchase of a lathe, he renamed his company to Ham Audio in October 1985, which he still runs.
His signature is a stylized 'HA' (ℋA) in the runouts. Please use "Lacquer cut by" - Peter Harenberg + ANV HA.
Note that he also used this signature before lacquer cutting at Ham Audio.

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