Fitouma Lemitti known as Saloua's art name is an Algerian singer born in 1941 in Blida, one of the largest cities in Algeria, located 45 kilometers south-west of the Algiers capital.

She began her artistic career in 1952 as animator at Radio Algiers under the direction of Réda Falaki, conducting a program dedicated to children. While the War for Independence in Algeria is in full swing, she decides to move to Paris to work with the French radio station for which she will lead a program aimed at the female audience of the Arab community.

In Paris, in 1960, Saloua became acquainted with Al Missoum (name of the art of Algerian composer Khaled Amraoui). Missoum was working on a decisive renewal of the classic Algerian song and was looking for valid interpreters; he decided to propose to Saloua the song "Ellah youwlik sabr bi". The results will be more than satisfactory and from that moment on, the newborn singer abandoned the radio to devote herself entirely to music and singing.

Al Missoum will sign her greatest hits, the songs "Kif Rayi Hamelni", "Ma tahleflich" and "Lalla Amina" are milestones of the modern Algerian song. The track "Lalla Amina" will be in 1962 one of the three best-selling albums released by the record label Pathé Marconi.

In 1963, with a full-fledged career, the singer will participate in various radio shows, including "Hadi Darna" and "Warda el bi Chawk", and in 1964 she embarked on a long tour of the Arab countries that will consecrate her as the official ambassador of algerian song.

The death of Al Missoum in 1969 will hit her a lot and she will make a decisive change in her musical style by attempting in 1970 a raid in the Andalusian Arab style under the direction of Merzak Boudjemia, a young composer and director of the modern orchestra at the conservatory Algiers, who she will marry later.

With this operation Saloua will continue bravely a tradition inaugurated by Cheikha Yamna and Fadéla Dziria, undisputed queen of the musical genre called hawzi, moving on to an unexplored field, which contributes greatly to her musical growth and will make her one of the most esteemed performers of the song algerian.

Her musical career will be full of success and satisfaction and will be of interest to various fields. In 1982, she will perform in the company of actor Ahmed Ayadb (known as Rouiched's art name) in the movie "Hassen Taxi" by director Mohamed Slim Riadi, this will be her only film experience.

In 1990 she will be elected as a member of the National Council of Culture directed by the writer Abdelhamid ben Hadouga.

Left out of the music scene for almost fifteen years in 2005, she will be honored with the honors and she will be awarded by the title of queen of the song by Algerian Minister of Culture Khalida Toumi at the Timgad International Festival.

Reference point for various generations of artists Saloua will say on a tribute evening in recent years : "I've been in the arts world for 60 years, from the age of fourteen, it's great to see I'm not forgotten. I sang during a time when it was very difficult for a woman to do the singer because of the traditions. I broke all the taboos of time. I fought a fight with my parents. It was very difficult for me, but I never gave up and I ended up imposing myself. I would like to tell our youth to be serious, to work well, to be careful and to follow the right path to succeed. "
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Saloua Discography Tracks


72601 Saloua Al' Olympia(LP, Album) Les Artistes Arabes Associés 72601 France 1975 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

Saloua Ya Oulad Elhouma / Aghnem Saa (Single) Les Industries Musicales Et Electriques Pathé Marconi France 1962 Sell This Version
Saloua Kif Rayi Hemelni (Single) Pathé France 1963 Sell This Version
ZEY 8169 Saloua Mali Sadri H'nine(7", Single) El Moustaqbel ZEY 8169 Unknown Sell This Version
M 6 2818 Saloua Elli Bla Lef / Laou Nahkilek(12", S/Sided, TP, W/Lbl) Not On Label M 6 2818 Unknown Sell This Version
EA 655 Saloua Ach Men Chafek(7", EP) Pathé EA 655 France Unknown Sell This Version
EA 538 Saloua Aghla Habiba(7", EP) Pathé EA 538 France Unknown Sell This Version
EA 1003 Saloua Kan Va Ma Kan / Kolchi Andek Sahel(7", Single) Pathé EA 1003 France Unknown Sell This Version
8170 Saloua El Hob Rah Fnani(7", Single) Zed El Youm 8170 Morocco Unknown Sell This Version
EA 727 Saloua Chouf / Ya Dollam(7", Single) Pathé EA 727 France Unknown Sell This Version
40350 Saloua Marahba Bediaf Lyoum(7") Victoria Disques 40350 Algeria Unknown Sell This Version
EA 728 Saloua Enta Kount Eddoun(7", Single) Pathé EA 728 France Unknown Sell This Version
C 016 - 10119 Saloua Rah Azizi Rah / Hsebtek Khouya(7") Pathé C 016 - 10119 France Unknown Sell This Version
ZEY 8171 Saloua = سلوى* Saloua = سلوى* - Ouach Mersoul Ala Hadra(7") Zed El Youm, El Moustaqbel ZEY 8171 Algeria Unknown Sell This Version
2C 016-10.121 M Saloua Hayrana Ghaidana - Mahlali Arsou(7") Pathé 2C 016-10.121 M France Unknown Sell This Version
72.220 Saloua Ma Tahleflich(7", Single) Les Artistes Arabes Associés 72.220 France Unknown Sell This Version
EA 504 Saloua Elli Bla Iéf(7") Pathé EA 504 France Unknown Sell This Version


2C 054 - 16 943 Saloua 10 Années De Succès (LP, Comp) Les Artistes Arabes Associés, Pathé 2C 054 - 16 943 France Unknown Sell This Version
72 514 Thouraya*, Dahmane El Harrachi, Saloua, Amar Elachab* Thouraya*, Dahmane El Harrachi, Saloua, Amar Elachab* - Succés D'hier Et D'aujourd'hui Vol. II(LP, Comp) Les Artistes Arabes Associés 72 514 France Unknown Sell This Version
72 515 Salah Sadaoui, Saloua, Deriassa*, Naâma* Salah Sadaoui, Saloua, Deriassa*, Naâma* - Succes D'hier Et D'aujourd'hui Vol. 3(LP, Comp) Les Artistes Arabes Associés 72 515 France Unknown Sell This Version

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