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Fifth Era is a doomcore project (or "doomkommando") that originated in the 90s in Blansko/Brno in the Czech Republic. Its name is often abbreviated as "FE" or "65", and Rob Lurker (contact: [email protected]) is the main producer and performer behind it. The main style the project focuses on, doomcore, is a slow, morbid form of hardcore techno with pounding drum patterns & heavy links to early nineties european techno sounds.

The 3 founders of the project were Boris Yugov, Nick "Crazy Ivan" Kovats (aka 65 Nomad) and Alex Kucherenko (previously known as 65 Zloi Ugar, now as 65 North London Ugar Division).
Their four first releases were self-produced very limited dubplates. They then met UK artist Robert "Lurker" Taylor (aka 65 South London and 65 Mother Chapter) who used to work in the area at the time. Robert founded the eponymous Fifth Era label to properly release the project's output from FE#5 on.

The original trio composed the first 9 releases. FE#10 and subsequent releases were composed by Lurker, who meanwhile returned to London. Two of the original founders, Nick and Alex, also moved to London around 2008 and since then they sometimes participate in composing. They are also part of the FE side project Utamoh Thumo with Lurker.
The last ever live performance by Fifth Era was in Hamburg in 2005, due to promises made to Nordcore. There will never be another live act by Fifth Era, only DJ sets.Fifth Era is currently Alex,Nick + Lurker.

FE#5-8 were produced by DJ Scud, FE#9-15 by Face Hoover, FE#16-21 by Darkside (2) and all subsequent releases by Rob Lurker. , YouTube , Vimeo
Members:Alex Kucherenko, Boris Yugov, Darren Lovibond, Den Gneva, Fifth Era Suomi, Nick Kovats, Robert Taylor (4), Thomas Schmidt (7)
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