The Paper Airplane Company

The Paper Airplane Company

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The Paper Airplane Company
Former member of The Nines Aaron Nielsen (drums, guitar, Roland) and Andre Lapointe (bass, guitars, flute) are the creative forces behind a group that effectively blends psychedelia and pop smarts in a manner that will please fans of XTC and the current wave of Rainbow Quartz bands. That the band takes a left turn on the second half of the disc to go in slightly different, but equally cool, direction is all more reason to embrace them.

The album is littered with gems. The album opener "Hey Fella You Fell", with its winning refrain of "can't we give our sweet love/one more college try", and it's hooky Rickenbacker guitar figure, the song sounds like Andy Partridge singing lead with Cotton Mather backing him. "Fingernail Moon" is another slice of post-modern Beatleisms, stripped to a bare acoustic core. Meanwhile, "Seven Degrees of Separation" has warm bass playing, jangle guitar, and an intriguing electro-pop rhythmic foundation, that gives the pop-psych an '80s synth gloss.

By about the seventh track, the album hits the off-ramp and heads to a more space age sound. "Sister Blister" is a new wavey, keyboard driven tune with a big ascending powerpop hook. "My Dad" goes even more new wave, with a chugging guitar over an insanely dumb (dumb in a good way) melody, while Janice Penczak vocalizes in a near cyborg manner. Penczak shows a bit more life on her other vocal turn on "Merry Go Round", which is cut from similar cloth otherwise.

The liners, which could stand to be a bit more informative, indicate that this material was recorded back in 1999. This disc is worth the wait, and hopefully songwriter Nielsen is stockpiling more tunes, as this debut reveals a considerable talent who is not content with sticking with one sound.


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