Real Name:Blake Potter & Corey Spengler

Proton Ambassadors. Life lovers. Soul seekers. Vibe makers. Love takers. Pain breakers. God fearing. Steak searing.

In the summer of 2003, Corey Spengler and Blake Potter joined forces as Opencloud in a hopeful gesture to create and share the diverse music bursting from their hearts and minds. Independent music makers for 12 years, they realized together they could better express their undying love for music and its power to move both the feet and soul.

Over the years, they received the dedicated support and respect from some of the biggest DJs in the world, and have held residency at one of the longest running shows on Proton Radio, Internet broadcasting’s gold standard for underground dance music. In 2005, Opencloud became ambassadors to the burgeoning Proton Sessions by throwing parties throughout North America and Mexico. Three years later, they helped launch Proton Limited, the label through which they and their peers released a fast-growing catalog of music specific to a newly emerging sound that combined elements of techno, progressive and break beats along with deeper, spacier sounds. Eventually Corey and Blake became the captains of a particular philosophy of releasing and shaping idiosyncratic musical productions that would help form what can only be called their “fingerprint”.

Over the years, the duo have continued to master their craft, becoming fluent in many different soundscapes, oftentimes blending genres, and collaborated with such industry icons as Cause and Effect, Cari Golden, Kirsty Hawkshaw (Opus 3), and Jon Creamer and Stephane K. In 2013, they released Through the Narrow Door, their first full-length album, featuring some of the most critical and influential music of their career and offering their contemporaries a transformation of stylistic conventions. Looking ahead to 2015, the guys plan to tour across Europe, North America and Mexico in support of their sophomore album, The Huntress.

Sharing their business between New York City and Dallas, Corey and Blake have spent the last 11 years studiously refining their craft and becoming true masters of their sound. They are a completely in-house project, writing, producing, mixing, mastering, distributing and publishing their own music via Smoke Signal, their new label and publishing company, and have steadily built a music catalog on Beatport of over 200 releases, widely spanning musical genres from what would be considered “pop” to their more frequent visitations to the underground dance music sound.

Never losing faith or commitment to their passion and vision, Opencloud has made an ocean from their raindrops of both successes and lessons learned, and diligently continue to teach music lovers their way of creating and offering the Opencloud sound. Their tiny seeds planted long ago all over the unique and wonderful world of the independent music industry have finally taken root and begun to grow into the most beautiful and far-reaching tree of their vision. Enjoy the fruits of their labor; it was made just for you… , Facebook , Soundcloud , MySpace , X
Aliases:Planet Doobias, Reggie Spengler
Members:Blake Potter, Corey Spengler


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