The Common Linnets


Dutch group formed in 2013, originally comprising of country / pop singers Ilse DeLange and Waylon (3). As such, they finished second in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. Then Waylon left in June 2014, after his contribution to the first album, the performance at the Eurovision Song Contest and a one-off concert in Enschede, The Netherlands. His role was taken over by JB Meijers, who was already a musician in the group. In March 2015 they won the Echo in the category International Newcomer. On September 25, 2015, Album II was released ... marking the fat that Rob Crosby isn't an official member anymore, although he has and will continue writing songs with Ilse DeLange for upcoming albums / projects. , Facebook , Instagram , YouTube , X , Wikipedia
Members:Ilse DeLange, Jake Etheridge, JB Meijers, Matthew Crosby, Rob Crosby, Willem Bijkerk




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