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University of Errors began out of an impromptu jam session at Komotion Studios in San Francisco at the end of September 1998. Daevid Allen (ex-Soft Machine and Gong) was at the end of a solo tour and staying in SF for a few days before flying home to Australia. A jam was arranged and recorded with some friends. Listening back at the end of the night Daevid looked up and said: "Can I come back tomorrow and put some lyrics over some of this?". He did and then flew out that night and forgot about it. Michael Clare, Pat Thomas and Jay Radford took the tapes and spent some time mixing and sent the results to Daevid a few months later.
Daevid then declared : "This is a band, we have to do this live. We will be University of Errors." or something like that happened. The band's first album "Money Doesn't Make it' was those original recordings made out of the jam at Komotion and was released in June of 1999 by Innerspace Records.
The original line-up did two tours on the West Coast in 1999 and released another album before Pat and Erik Pearson decided to depart to concentrate on Mushroom (3). Jay Radford left too.

Michael, Josh Pollock and Daevid recruited Jason Mills of Brooklyn, NY and continued as a quartet touring in the US during 2000 and 2001. They recorded one album recorded in Williamsburg at studio G at the end of the 2001 tour in early September. Two privately made live CDr-s were made and sold at gigs during the 2002 tour. 'Go Forth and Errorize' (later released on Voiceprint as Live In Chicago 2000) and 'Live In Chicago' (2001). Both recorded at Schuba's in Chicago live to DAT.

Jason decided not to go on the European tour to concentrate on his band Beetroot with his new wife Fiona, so Josh, Michael and Daevid recruited Warren Huegel and continued as a live band touring mostly in Europe. At the end of the 2003 Tour this line up recorded an entire CD of their versions of the earliest songs of The Soft Machine from when Daevid was a member of that band 1966-67. 'Jet Propelled Photographs' was released by Cuneiform Records.

2007 brought Daevid along with Josh and Michael for an brief exploratory tour in Brazil where they borrowed the talents of Fred Barley to fill in for Warren on drums. From this tour, another side-project called Gong Global Family was recorded and released.

More extensive touring followed in 2008 in Norway, Sweden, UK, Holland, Israel, and a brief tour in 2009, before the band stopped as a performing unit.
A last recording was made in May 2011, completed in 2014 and issued on a single at Daevid Allen's request as a thank you to everyone after his surgery and temporary recovery in 2014 - he ultimately died of cancer in 2015.
Members:Daevid Allen, Erik Pearson, Jason Mills (2), Jay Radford, Josh Pollock, Michael Clare, Orlando Allen, Pat Thomas (2), Warren Huegel


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