Tommi Keränen

Real Name:
Tommi Keränen
Tommi Keränen is a Finnish noise/experimental electronics producer, performer, sound engineer and software designer, based in Helsinki and active since the late nineties. Working both with hardware tools (modular synthesizers, DIY-electronics, etc) and custom-built software, Tommi is interested in primitive and junk instruments, non-standard digital synthesis, and chaotic feedback systems. Keränen performs solo and with various other musicians and bands, such as noise duos Testicle Hazard (with Lasse Marhaug) and Gentle Evil (Janne Tuomi on drums), Large Unit, Numinosum and Sefahat, The Truckfuckers, Les Manures, and Köttskogen. In 2005-07, he was also performing under Rulla alias, and produced a few releases, including a collaborative CD album with Koji Takagi on Monotype, and Trash Ritual tape in 2007.

His discography includes seven releases and numerous appearances with other bands. Keränen's debut full-length album Bats In The Attic on Pica Disk became a critic's pick of the Wire Magazine in 2010. A follow-up Moon Over Torrelorca limited edition CD on Swedish label Ljud & Bild Produktion was recorded on Serge Modular and Buchla synthesizers at Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm. Tommi also produced a few split tapes and 7-inch releases. Some of his collaborators include Phill Niblock, Jaakko Vanhala, Umpio, Vomir (Romain Perrot), Pink Twins, Lauri Hyvärinen, Lionel Marchetti, Seijiro Murayama, Kazuma Kubota, Fumio Kosakai and Toshiji Mikawa (Incapacitants), and Kohei Gomi (Pain Jerk). Keränen was a mastering and live recording engineer on numerous releases by Avanto Recordings, Anoema Recordings, Tyyfus, Harbinger Sound, Marhaug Forlag and other independent labels.

Keränen co-designed and implemented a generative, neural network-controlled sound installation with Hecker and Cerith Wyn Evans, permanently displayed in the Hijmans van der Bergh building of Utrecht University. He also designed and developed custom software for Lasse Marhaug, Florian Hecker, Sunn O))), Peter Rehberg, Kevin Drumm, and The Hafler Trio's ''''''' performance in Århus, Denmark.
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