(Swedish) Death Polka


Québec City, Canada (2003 - ) Humid summer nights, cyclists in bodysuits, be they alone or in packs like wolves, are excessively interesting to the idle bystander. This qualification applies equally to neo-classical-pop-ambient-minimalist (swedish) Death Polka. Composers of obscurity with medallions of contradiction, this chamber music assembly from Québec City, formed in 2003, gives an impromptu ride into the burlesque, the superficial, the delicate. Their harmonic development, minimalist, uncentered and textured, recalls the European international architecture style of the 1930s. You can see a great superficiality in style, in particular in the softness of the subject: the words, mainly composed of various facts of modern society (doubtful body aesthetics, bombarded orphanage, Berlin swing dance) are in fact an ode to joy, to discovery and pleasure. At times accompanied by a string quartet and a braces choir, sometimes only as a duo with a mysterious diva and a visual support projected on flat surfaces, (swedish) Death Polka is a happening, may it be in the living room or on the dance floor. , Facebook , Bandcamp , Lastfm , ,
Members:Guillaume Lizotte, Sam Murdock


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