Ether (5) Maybrick44

May 7, 2018
A second album was recorded and probably exists somewhere on a CDR in someones collection but I doubt we will ever get to hear it, sadly.

Ether (5) TheMatthewBest

May 14, 2021
You can get a copy from Rory Meredith - he has uploaded all the songs to Youtube and put a download link in the description of each song.

Ether (5) PhilSmee

July 4, 2018
The second album exists in Parlophone's vaults... I have a copy. Tracks are: Modern World, Wonder, Answer To It All, So Right, Life's A Four Letter Word, Sci-Fi Reality, I Scare Myself, Little Animal, Precious Soul, What I Feel, Goodbye 20th Century, Make Believe. It's awesome!