Real Name:
Samuel Harrison Dobkin
In the words of, Trivecta "is the perfect example of what future cinematic bass should sound like," combining "bit-crushed stuttered vocals cuts, perfectly pitched and layered vocals of Yohamna Solange, bass growls, synth arrangement, suspenseful cinematic build-ups and breakdowns, trance anthemic arps, subtle guitar riffs, punchy snares, catchy lyrics, and overall energy and emotion that can be felt all the way through 0:00 – 4:05."

Trivecta's debut single, "One Night Only" (Monstercat), soared to the Beatport Dubstep Top 10 within two days of its release. With a meticulous, relentless studio workflow, Trivecta is poised to continue delivering for releases to come.


Singles & EPs

MCS225 Trivecta - Believe album art Trivecta Feat. Connor Zwetsch Trivecta Feat. Connor Zwetsch - Believe(File, MP3, Single, 320) Monstercat MCS225 Canada 2014
none Trivecta - The Surface album art Trivecta Feat. Roniit Trivecta Feat. Roniit - The Surface(File, MP3, Single, 320) Not On Label (Trivecta Self-released) none US 2014
MCS209 Trivecta - One Night Only album art Trivecta Feat. Yohamna Solange Trivecta Feat. Yohamna Solange - One Night Only(File, MP3, Single, 320) Monstercat MCS209 Canada 2014
EDM15030 Trivecta - Ease My Soul album art Trivecta Ft. Charlotte Haining Trivecta Ft. Charlotte Haining - Ease My Soul(File, MP3, Single, 320) Artist Intelligence Agency EDM15030 US 2015
MCS334 Trivecta - Evaporate album art Trivecta Feat. Aloma Steele Trivecta Feat. Aloma Steele - Evaporate(File, MP3, Single, 320) Monstercat MCS334 Canada 2015
EDM15140 Trivecta - Resurface album art Trivecta Ft. Roniit Trivecta Ft. Roniit - Resurface(File, MP3, Single, 320) Artist Intelligence Agency EDM15140 US 2015
MCS364 Trivecta - Drift Away album art Trivecta Feat. Charlotte Haining Trivecta Feat. Charlotte Haining - Drift Away(File, MP3, Single, 320) Monstercat MCS364 Canada 2015
MCS411 Trivecta - The Vale album art Trivecta Feat. Miyoki Trivecta Feat. Miyoki - The Vale (Single) Monstercat MCS411 Canada 2016
TDR001 Trivecta - Labyrinth album art Trivecta Labyrinth(File, MP3, Single, 320) Tiny Diamond Records TDR001 2016
MCS437 Trivecta - Into The Limelight album art Trivecta Feat. Danyka Nadeau Trivecta Feat. Danyka Nadeau - Into The Limelight(File, MP3, Single, 320) Monstercat MCS437 Canada 2016
none Trivecta - Now You Know album art Trivecta & Eminence (8) feat. Aloma Steele Trivecta & Eminence (8) feat. Aloma Steele - Now You Know(File, AAC, Single, 256) Proximity none US 2017
191773083717 Trivecta - Feel My Love album art Trivecta Feel My Love(File, MP3, Single, 320) Thrive Music 191773083717 US 2017
EDM16712 Trivecta - Shatterpoint album art Trivecta Shatterpoint(File, MP3, Single, 320) Artist Intelligence Agency EDM16712 US 2017
MCS745 Trivecta - Axis album art Trivecta Axis(File, MP3, Single, 320) Monstercat MCS745 Canada 2018
MCS689 Trivecta - Falling album art Trivecta X Wooli Trivecta X Wooli - Falling(File, MP3, Single, 320) Monstercat MCS689 Canada 2018
CAT251771 Trivecta - Ghost Of A Friend album art Trivecta Ghost Of A Friend(File, MP3, Single, 320) Luminous Beings CAT251771 2018
OPH009RID Trivecta - Island album art Seven Lions, Wooli & Trivecta Feat Nevve Seven Lions, Wooli & Trivecta Feat Nevve - Island (Single, EP) Ophelia (3) OPH009RID 2019
MCS829 Trivecta - Tornado album art Trivecta Feat. Monika Santucci Trivecta Feat. Monika Santucci - Tornado(File, MP3, Single, 320) Monstercat MCS829 Canada 2019
CAT276764 Trivecta - Standing At The Edge album art Trivecta Standing At The Edge(File, MP3, Single, 320) Luminous Beings CAT276764 2019
OPH026D Trivecta - Talk album art Trivecta Feat. Bright Sparks Trivecta Feat. Bright Sparks - Talk(File, MP3, Single, 320) Ophelia (3) OPH026D 2019
MCS872 Trivecta - Riptide album art Trivecta & Amidy Feat. RØRY Trivecta & Amidy Feat. RØRY - Riptide(File, MP3, Single, 320) Monstercat MCS872 Canada 2019
OPH039RD1 Trivecta - Everyday album art Trivecta Everyday (EP) Ophelia (3) OPH039RD1 2020
OPH032D Trivecta - Revelation album art Trivecta & Varien (2) Trivecta & Varien (2) - Revelation(File, MP3, Single, 320) Ophelia (3) OPH032D 2020
OPH038D Trivecta - Leave It All Behind album art Trivecta Feat. Fagin (4) Trivecta Feat. Fagin (4) - Leave It All Behind(File, MP3, Single, 320) Ophelia (3) OPH038D 2020
OPH062D Trivecta - Waiting For You album art Trivecta + Last Heroes feat. RUNN (2) Trivecta + Last Heroes feat. RUNN (2) - Waiting For You(File, MP3, Single, 320) Ophelia (3) OPH062D US 2020