Real Name:
William Alexander McClam
William Alexander McClam, born December 6th 1992 in Chicago, IL, is an American artist, producer, MC, and founder of his own independent record label, “Lights Out Entertainment, LLC.” He performs and records under the name TooSmooth.

For the past three years TooSmooth has created hundreds of songs, including remixes, covers, and almost 50 originals. He started making music and singing at the age of three, and by the time he turned five TooSmooth recorded his first demo with a simple tape recorder and a microphone.

At the age of 17, TooSmooth started his own label and recorded local acts, most of them from his high school James B. Conant in Hoffman, IL. He ended up finishing high school a year early and got a head start at college. William was one of the youngest in his graduating class.

Although William was accepted into Berkelee Collage of Music, he changed his mind and ended up going to Full Sail University. That same year he released his first original song, “In Love;” a week later TooSmooth received an email from Globegig Radio in the UK and found out they were playing his song on the air.

After that TooSmooth and his label became so busy he had to leave campus and started taking classes online. By then he was working on his second album. He says, “I didn’t know much about marketing so I rushed my first two albums.” A few songs off the second album made it to radio including stations like WGCI, Power 92, and a few local college stations.

TooSmooth is a member of NARAS’s Grammy Academy and was a part of the 55th annual Grammy Awards. His first two albums were among the many albums that were voted on. Although he wasn’t nominated, TooSmooth can still say he was a part of Grammy history.


TooSmooth Discography Tracks


LOE001 TooSmooth The Come Up Vol.1 (Baby, Steps)() Lights Out Entertainment LLc LOE001 US 2011 Sell This Version
LOE002 TooSmooth The Come Up Vol.2 (Stage, Lights)() Lights Out Entertainment LLc LOE002 US 2012 Sell This Version
LOE003 TooSmooth The Come Up Vol.3 (Signed)() Lights Out Entertainment LLc LOE003 US 2013 Sell This Version


LOE004 TooSmooth I Am TooSmooth() Lights Out Entertainment LLc LOE004 US 2013 Sell This Version

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