L. Gene Black

Dr. L. Gene Black
Dean, Conductor, Professor
Samford University 1965-2000

Dr. L. Gene Black has been the conductor of the A Cappella Alumni Choir since its inception in 1991. Dr. Black received his Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Howard College, and the Master of Arts and Advanced Master’s degree and Ph.D from the University of Alabama. He completed studies in choral music and conducting both at Columbia University and Florida State University. In 1965, Dr. Black returned to Howard College as Associate Conductor of the A Cappella Choir. He became the conductor of the Choir in 1967. Dr. Black served as professor of music and music education, Director of Choral Activities, Associate Dean of the School of Music and Dean of the School of Music at Samford University. He retired from Samford University in May of 2000, after a 35 year tenure at the school. He has received numerous honors, awards and memberships in professional organizations. He is respected through the State of Alabama as a music educator and conductor of the renowned Samford University A Cappella Choir and now the A Cappella Alumni Choir.

October 24, 2008 was proclaimed to be "Dr. L. Gene Black Day" by Governor of Alabama, Bob Riley in the City of Montgomery on the September 22nd, 2008.