Shane McEnhill

Real Name:
Shane McEnhill
Mastering and vinyl cutting engineer

Currently working at:
Finyl Tweek, which he also owns.

Previously at:
Heathmans Mastering
Tape To Tape (T2T)
Tape One
Livingston Studios
Konk Studios

Commonly found credited / etchings on run-out grooves:
[email protected]
In Groups:
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" Shane the Cutter ", " Shane-the-Cutter ", " ShanetheCutter ", "S", "[email protected]", "[email protected]" SMC, "SHANE THE CUTTER", "SHANETHECUTTER", "SMC!", "[email protected] The Cutter", "[email protected] the Cutter", "[email protected]", "Shane - The Cutter", "Shane - the cutteR", "Shane - the cutter", "Shane The Cutter", "Shane the Cutter" SMC, "Shane! The Cutter" SMC, "Shane", "Shane-The Cutter", "Shane-TheCutter", "Shane-the Cutter", "Shane-the-Cutter", "ShaneTheCutter", "ShanetheCutter", "Shanethecutter", 'Shane The Cutter' , CMS, D-SHA¯ESTER, Finyltweek, McEnhill, S. McEnhill, S.McEnhill, S<=, S<=>e, S<=e, S<@Ne, SEC, SH, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]!, [email protected]*, [email protected], [email protected], SHANE, SHANE T2, SHANE!, SHANETHECUTTER, SHANEtheCUTTER, SHA¯ESTER, SMC, SMC " ShaneTheCutter ", SMC " Shanethecutter ", SMC "Shane - The Cutter", SMC "Shane The Cutter", SMC "Shane-TheCutter", SMC "ShaneTheCutter", SMC "ShaneTheCutterFreq", SMC "Shanethecutterfeq", SMC / "Shane – The Cutter", SMC / Shane, SMC [email protected], SMC Shane, SMC Shane!, SMC Shane! The Cutter, SMC Shane., SMC “[email protected], SMC!, SMC., SM̲C, SNC, STC, STCR, SXCE, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]!, [email protected], [email protected]!, [email protected], [email protected] / SMC, [email protected] The Cutter, [email protected]!, [email protected]! The Cutter, [email protected], SMC, [email protected], [email protected]/SMC, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], Sha7e, ShaNe, Shane, Shane !, Shane "The Cutter", Shane "The Cutter" Mc Enhill, Shane "The Cutter" McEnhill, Shane "The Gun", Shane 'The Cutter', Shane 'The Cutter' McEnhill, Shane - The Cutter, Shane - the Cutter, Shane / SMC, Shane / The Cutter, Shane @ Finyl Tweak, Shane Mc Enil, Shane McEnhil, Shane T2, Shane The Cutter, Shane The Digi Tweaker, Shane The Digi Tweeker, Shane the CutteR, Shane the Cutter, Shane the cutteR, Shane – the cutteR, Shane!, Shane! SMC, Shane! The Cutter, Shane!TheCutter, Shane"The Gun", Shane-TheCutter, Shane-the Cutter, Shane-the-Cutter, Shane., Shane.-, ShaneTheCutter, ShaneTheCutter", ShanetheCUTTER, ShanetheCUTTERFREQ, ShanetheCutter, Shanethecutter, Shaun, Shawn, Smc, StC, Stc, Sxane, Sxce, The Cutter, The [email protected], [email protected]!, ★SMC

Singles & EPs

SABOTAGELP01EF Shane McEnhill - Killaman Nicked My Giro / Emergence album art Shane* / Ben Camp Shane* / Ben Camp - Killaman Nicked My Giro / Emergence(12", Ltd, Smplr) Sabotage Systems SABOTAGELP01EF UK 2003 Sell This Version