The Bug NinjaGaijin

July 4, 2017
Never realised he ran Pathological records and released Zeni Geva..

The Bug as reviewed by phuriphonics

April 29, 2004
Found out that the above was actually recorded for John Peel on Radio 1. It was a head-to-head between The Bug and Soundmurderer (hence the faster breaks and jungle snares a go-go) - still a lush piece of live electronica nevertheless.

The Bug as reviewed by phuriphonics

February 10, 2004
Of late I have been wearing thin a copy one my mates sent me of The Bug live in England (I think it might have been recorded at the Medicine Bar in Birmingham for Radio One). It's an absolute beast of a set that nearly threw me off my chair on the first listen. As a collector of his records I had some idea what he might do live, but this went beyond all my expectations....and then some. Not only did he have a barrage of ragga MCs (as featured on the Pressure LP) who absolutely ripped the microphones to shreds, but inbetween bouts of industrial ragga mayhem, Kevin Martin treated the crowd to some ear bleeding gabber and noise onslaughts. Police sirens a go-go, drill n bass, reverb abuse, off frequency filters - just chaotic and wonderful abuse of machinery and samples. This whole set is brimming and bursting over with energy and fun. I only wish I could have been there.

The Bug Darafayen

October 21, 2012
The Bug's DJ sets (after party) are very evil, too