Björn Almstedt

Real Name:
Björn Gunnar Olov Almstedt
Björn Almstedt, born on January 24, 1939 in Katarina församling, Stockholm, Sweden, died November 8, 2020, worked as a mastering engineer at Cutting Room from 1991 until 2006. Earlier he also worked at Europa Film, between the years 1957 and 1991.
Please use only BA for lacquer engineering credits, without the affixed lacquer mastering studio.

Common runout groove etchings:
BA-CR - Björn Almstedt at Cutting Room.
BA-EF - Björn Almstedt at Europa Film.
BA-GP - Björn Almstedt at Grammoplast.
BA-Tα - Björn Almstedt at Toolex Alpha.


MNE 001 Björn Almstedt - The Sounds Of Stockholm album art Björn Almstedt The Sounds Of Stockholm(HDCD, Album, Dol) Mind'N Ear MNE 001 Sweden 1998 Sell This Version