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Kōenji Hyakkei is a Japanese zeuhl band, originated from Tokyo and led by Tatsuya Yoshida of Ruins. The band released their first self-titled album in 1994 with Kubota Aki from Bondage Fruit on vocals and keyboards.

Not widely presented outside of Japan, the band gained international fame and notoriety among heavy/heady progrock lovers, and Koenji Hyakkei were highly praised for extreme complexity, mind-boggling rhythm patterns and high expressiveness of their music. They've often been compared to such cult bands, as Area (6), Electric Light Orchestra, Deus Ex Machina with tempo changes multiplied by 100 and, most of all, French Magma (6). Their fourth album and US-debut Angherr Shisspa was described by the critics as a mixture of Stereolab, Yes, Queen, Melt-Banana and 'something so far off Broadway it's on the moon'. The group released four studio albums and four concert DVDs between 1994 & 2010. They returned in 2018 with fifth studio album, Dhorimviskha.

The Japanese band name is translated as Hundred Sights of Kōenji (Tokyo district). There is no standard way of romanizing this name, often appearing as Koenji Hyakkei or Koenjihyakkei, less commonly KoenjiHyakkei, Koenji-Hyakkei. Most of the lyrics are performed in the unknown language, reminiscent of Christian Vander's Kobaïan. There are few words shorter than four letters and almost no repeated words in any phrases. Some spelling conventions and pronunciations vary between songs and albums.

Current members:
AH – vocals
Keiko Komori – reeds, vocals
Taku Yabuki – keyboards, vocals
Sakamoto Kengo – bass, vocals
Yoshida Tatsuya – drums, vocals


GMCD-012 Koenjihyakkei - Hundred Sights Of Koenji album art 高円寺百景* Hundred Sights Of Koenji (Album) God Mountain GMCD-012 Japan 1994 Sell This Version
GMCD-027 Koenjihyakkei - 弌 album art Koenjihyakkei (Album) God Mountain GMCD-027 Japan 1997 Sell This Version
MGC-18 Koenjihyakkei - Nivraym album art 高円寺百景* Nivraym (Album) Magaibutsu MGC-18 Japan 2001 Sell This Version
MGC-26 Koenjihyakkei - Angherr Shisspa album art Koenjihyakkei Angherr Shisspa (Album) Magaibutsu MGC-26 Japan 2005 Sell This Version
GR128LP Koenjihyakkei - Dhorimviskha album art Koenjihyakkei Dhorimviskha (Album) Magaibutsu Limited GR128LP USA & Canada 2018 Sell This Version


none Tairikuotoko vs. Sanmyakuonna, Zubi Zuva, Koenjihyakkei, Musica Transonic Tairikuotoko vs. Sanmyakuonna, Zubi Zuva, Koenjihyakkei, Musica Transonic - Tairikuotoko vs. Sanmyakuonna, Zubi Zuva, Koenjihyakkei, Musica Transonic(Cass, Comp) Not On Label none Japan 2003 Sell This Version


MGDV-01 Koenjihyakkei - Live At Star Pine's Cafe album art Koenji Hyakkei* Live At Star Pine's Cafe(DVD-V, NTSC, Reg) Magaibutsu MGDV-01 Japan 2002 Sell This Version
MGDV-03 Koenjihyakkei - Live At Doors album art Koenji Hyakkei* Live At Doors(DVD-V, NTSC) Magaibutsu MGDV-03 Japan 2006 Sell This Version
MGDV-04 Koenjihyakkei - 070531 album art Koenji Hyakkei* 070531(DVD-V, NTSC) Magaibutsu MGDV-04 Japan 2008 Sell This Version
MGDV-07 Koenjihyakkei - Live At Koenji High album art Koenji Hyakkei* Live At Koenji High Magaibutsu MGDV-07 Japan 2010 Sell This Version


MGP-00 Koenjihyakkei - Bonus Disc For The 1st Press Of Nivraym Album album art 高円寺百景* Bonus Disc For The 1st Press Of Nivraym Album(CD, Ltd, Promo) Magaibutsu MGP-00 Japan 2001 Sell This Version