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Recognized as America's HardNRG pioneer, Morgan is at the forefront of the Hard House, Hard Trance, Hard Techno, Hard NRG, and Hard Dance genres. Morgan is responsible for creating as well as America's First HardNRG Record Label, Lotek Records. He tirelessly aspires to share the music and can usually be found playing underground parties, where by bringing everyone into an intimate setting, he uses the music as the catalyst to create an explosion of energy... a wicked burning frenzy of mad stomping kids.

Morgan first started mixing soon after attending the early San Francisco underground parties of the '90s. Inspired by what he saw and heard, he quickly picked up a pair of turntables and began to mix records. Morgan is now recognized for his unique ability to seamlessly blend one track into the next while never losing sight of the overall effect he has on his audience. Morgan is always searching for the latest cutting edge tracks that push the envelope. He consistently perfects his technical skills by using each song as a tool to create something better than the sum of the individual parts. Morgan's attention to detail has truly taken his style to the next level.


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October 10, 2008
I personally rate him as one of the best hard house DJ's, with perfect mixing technique, great track selection and progression of the set. On the production side he is not that exciting, although he has brought some innovation to the scene with his trademark breakbeat sounds. His track selection skills also revealed in full during the work for his own Lotek Records. Unlike some of the other labels distributed by Alphamagic, releases on Lotek have always been unique and top-quality.

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