Sroczyński Prus

Real Name:
Tomasz Sroczyński, Ewa Prus
Have you ever heard of a stoned sea horse running across watermelon fields with a small woman growing out of it's forehead, who then screams short modern haikus’ in comical (according to her size), low voice pitches? Well I guess not. But that is what Sroczyński is. A combination of completely unhinged loops, connected in a wildly chaotic way, that somehow makes terrific musical sense. A new tale, in a new style, put in classical form. This is music straight from the woods. Actually, this is not music. No, not at all. This is what happens when a weirdo gets locked in a timber lodge with their parents, a violin, whiskey, electronic instruments, a dog and the internet.


RED04 Sroczyński Prus - A Girl With No Heart album art Sroczyński Prus A Girl With No Heart(6xFile, MP3) Recognition Digital RED04 Poland 2013