Jeronimo (2)


German hard rock band of the early 1970s from Frankfurt am Main.

The band was founded by Rainer Marz (guitar, vocal), Gunnar Schäfer (bass, vocal) and Ringo Funk (drums, vocal) in 1969 and in '69/'70 they had their first two hits "Heya" and "Na Na Hey Hey". With these two chartbreakers they climbed to the number 1 position in almost all European countries.
Rainer Marz was replaced by Michael Koch in 1971.

After numerous negotiations with Bellaphon Ringo Funk successfully acquired the rights to all of their songs in November 2000. Spring 2002 saw the (re-)release of all three original albums - all incl. one bonus track each - and a "Best Of"-album on CD and a DVD called "Timevision". , Wikipedia , Wikipedia
Members:Gunnar Schäfer, Hajo Born, Michael Koch (3), Rainer Marz, Ringo Funk




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