Eddie Mis

Real Name:Eddie Mis

Eddie Mis started his music career in 1986 when he became the resident dj at Penguin, the first industrial and new wave club in Tel Aviv. At the same time, he began performing in an industrial band called Giant Gosh. He started a new electronic band in 1987 called Autograph. In '88 he discovered Acid House which inspired him to bring his sound to the dancefloor. In 1993 he began to release music worldwide. In 1994 Eddie introduced his new music which later became known as Israeli psychedelic trance. In '97, after several albums and compilations, Eddie received huge international success with his track "X-file". In 2000 he started to produce Downtempo music under the name Funtech. In 2002 Eddie participated in a Luna Music project called Double Impact. 2004-2006 Eddie created Acid Tech...morphing between Minimal Acid and Tech House.
Aliases:Edi Trance, Funtech
In Groups:Adrenalin Drum, Adula, Double Impact, MG-3
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