The Heritage Orchestra

British classical orchestra usually also incorporating contemporary music into their repertoire.

The Heritage Orchestra (aka "The Heritage Orchestra Of London Town") is a collective of 40 or so of the brightest and best young classical musicians in London, UK.

It is in fact the very special legacy of one of London's more creative and genre-defying club nights. "Heritage" at club Cargo was a regular event with a music policy that became hugely popular with fans who came to enjoy the unusual programme of live jazz, classical and cross-genre dance forms. There weren't that many other places you could hear heavy jazz and funk from the main stage, while musical oddities such as Swiss alpenhorns, string quartets, harpists and other 'inappropriate' musicians played in the foyer.
The night is no longer, but The Heritage Orchestra has emerged as one of the most exciting musical collectives in the UK.

Most of the players met through The Guildhall School Of Music and were under 25. With a full string section, rhythm section, woodwind, brass and rotating guest vocalists, THO were certainly an impressive sight to behold — but much more than that, they create inspiring music.

Original compositions by orchestrator and conductor Jules Buckley, uproot and throw classical idioms into a modern mix of beats, cinematic soundscapes and lush orchestration. Writing collaborations with the legendary Chris Bowden and vocal appearances from Natalie Williams and Liz Swain contribute to the already impressive package for their recently released debut album.

1sts: Kate Marsden (leader), Katharina Scheld, Kit Massey, Marianne Haynes, Catriona Parker, Martin Lissola.
2nds: Penny Ainscow, Ben Lee, Patrick Roberts, Claire Tyrell, Rosie Tompsett, Nat Jones.

Felix Tanner, Emilie Hörnlund, John Crockatt, Sarah Chapman.

Ben Trigg, Nastasya Hodges, Jon Cottle, Volker Hormann.

Rhythm Section:
Adam Betts (drum kit), Ben Bryant (percussion), John Blease (percussion), Ian Tripp (vibraphone), John Calvert (electric bass), Matt Calvert (guitar/composer), Ross Stanley (piano/Fender rhodes/celeste), Tom Farmer (double bass).

Paul Greenwood (flute/alto flute), Beth Akers (oboe), Jonny Spall (alto saxophone/clarinet), Sam Bullard (bass clarinet/soprano saxophone), Tom Challenger (tenor saxophone/soprano saxophone), Chris Bowden (guest soloist/composer).

Gavin Broom (trumpet), Joe Morris (trumpet), Jon Stokes (trombone), Tim Smart (trombone), Chris Lund (french horn), Gavin Smart (tuba), Trevor Mires (guest soloist trombone).

Natalie Williams, Liz Swain, Reilly.

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