София Ротару

Real Name:Софи́я Миха́йловна Рота́ру (укр. Софія Михайлівна Ротару)

Sofia Mikhailovna Rotaru - Ukrainian and Soviet pop singer and actress moldovan origin.
Born on 7th August 1947 in Marshintsy village, Novoselitsky area, Chernivtsi region, Ukraine SSR.
Mother of Руслан Евдокименко. Widow of Анатолий Евдокименко
She is the top singer from 1970's till today in the former Soviet Union countries.
Merited Artist of the Ukrainian SSR (1973), People's Artist of the Ukrainian SSR (1976), People's Artist of the Moldavian SSR (1983), People's Artist of the USSR (1988)
Hero of Ukraine, Hero of Moldavia, Badge of Honour of Russia, she became the icon of the Russian, Ukrainian and Moldavian pop culture.
She has also starred in films Soul (5th watched film in the Soviet distribution), Where Has Love Gone?, Chervona Ruta; also musical films: Monologue About Love, Caravan of Love, Song Is Always With Us, Golden Heart...
Since 1968 Russian/Ukrainian schlager star with over 1000 songs with status of classics like "Chervona Ruta" etc.
Since 1990 she sings in modern euro pop style. Her 60th birthday was celebrated at the Livadia Palace, which was rented last time for the Peace Conference in Yalta in 1945, where also three presidents were invited. , , Wikipedia
In Groups:"Старые Песни О Главном" Все Участники, Червона Рута


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