Real Name:Hasan Rahma T' Ullah

Autolect (also see: Autolect & His Meltdown Movement / AHMM) is Artist, Composer, Performer, Songwriter and Recorded Music Producer William Lamont Robinson (aka: Hasan) from the United States. His sound is is an eclectic blend of Hip hip, blues & electric soul.

He is a Sunni Muslim, and reverted to islam in the spring of 1992.

Autolect is largely a self produced volume of material. With the exception of Autolect: Between God and The Deep Blue Lp. Which features the production of 9th wonder, Fanatik and Jihad Al Nafs. After charting 2 songs, Akh Fantastic #7 (2006) and Movin #3 (2007). This album is a well defined classic and coming out party for Autolect.

As a lyricist Hasan’s delivery is best described as mono tone lamentation with a somewhat positive message. Nearing cutting edge confidence & self loathing undertones. He utilizes insight and abstract references to enlighten the listener on a sub-conscious level. Hasan’s lyrics Have been known to express criticism of social conditions in the late 20th and early 21st century hip hop and western culture’s. While Examining current issues and injecting solutions directly, in an efficient and distinctive manner. Many have considered this “Scientific” approach Hypnotic, Mind bending, Abstract or just plain weird.

An animated, energetic live performer Hasan has preferred the tranquility of the studio verses the limelight of the stage, due to his obscure slightly UFO-esque appearances.

Studio credits include recordings with DJ Shadow & Mario C. / James Lavelle & Mo’Wax, Fanatik, Amani K. Smith (producer on Public Enemy’s Revolverlution) and Pomo of Blendcrafters. , MySpace , Lastfm
Aliases:Bil Basmala, Cheik.U.4.ic., Future (7), Hasan Atiq, Honere Syntax, Scientifical RU, Usephasan, William Lamont Robinson
In Groups:Gro, Mononauts


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