Pan Sonic

Pan Sonic (known as Panasonic from 1993 until 1998) were an internationally renowned Finnish electronic music project consisting of Mika Vainio, Ilpo Väisänen and Sami Salo.

In 1994, they began releasing on Sähkö Recordings, the experimental techno label of their friend Tommi Grönlund. On their first tour outside of Finland, while in London, they got a record deal with Blast First (the Mute sub-label). In 1995, their first release on Blast First was "Vakio" which received international recognition. In 1996, Sami Salo left Pan Sonic and the project continued as a duo until disbanding in 2009. The pair briefly reformed in 2015 to create the soundtrack for the documentary film Atomin Paluu ("Return of the Atom").

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BFFP118CD Pan Sonic - Vakio album art Panasonic* Vakio (Album) Blast First, Blast First BFFP118CD UK 1995 Sell This Version
bffp 132, bffp 132 cd Pan Sonic - Kulma album art Panasonic* = Panasonic* Panasonic* = Panasonic* - Kulma (Album) Blast First, Mute bffp 132, bffp 132 cd UK 1996 Sell This Version
BFFP149CD Pan Sonic - A album art Pan Sonic A (Album) Blast First BFFP149CD UK 1999 Sell This Version
none Pan Sonic - Mort Aux Vaches album art Pan Sonic, Charlemagne Palestine Pan Sonic, Charlemagne Palestine - Mort Aux Vaches Mort Aux Vaches none Netherlands 2000 Sell This Version
9185-2 Pan Sonic - Frost 79° 40' album art Ammer* / Einheit* Mit Pan Sonic Und Gry / Günter Rüger Ammer* / Einheit* Mit Pan Sonic Und Gry / Günter Rüger - Frost 79° 40'(CD) FM 4.5.1 9185-2 Germany 2000 Sell This Version
km 4 Pan Sonic - Motorlab #3 album art Barry Adamson + Pan Sonic Barry Adamson + Pan Sonic - Motorlab #3 Kitchen Motors, ÓMI km 4 Iceland 2001 Sell This Version
BFFP166CD, 5016027611667 Pan Sonic - Aaltopiiri album art Pan Sonic Aaltopiiri (Album) Blast First BFFP166CD, 5016027611667 Europe 2000 Sell This Version
JD100 Pan Sonic - 19/01/995 20/01/995 album art Pan Sonic 19/01/995 20/01/995(CD, Ltd) Jenny Divers JD100 UK 2001 Sell This Version
JD099 Pan Sonic - 05/10/995 album art Pan Sonic 05/10/995(CD, Ltd) Jenny Divers JD099 UK 2001 Sell This Version
VICTO cd 089 Pan Sonic - V album art Merzbow, Pan Sonic Merzbow, Pan Sonic - V(CD, Album) Les Disques Victo VICTO cd 089 Canada 2003 Sell This Version
MUTE 9243 Pan Sonic - Kesto (234.48:4) album art Pan Sonic Kesto (234.48:4) (Album) Blast First, Blast First MUTE 9243 UK 2004 Sell This Version
SOI 041 Pan Sonic - Finnexport 2003 (Live In Yaroslavl) album art A.Nikkila & A.Borisov* / Pink Twins / Pan sonic A.Nikkila & A.Borisov* / Pink Twins / Pan sonic - Finnexport 2003 (Live In Yaroslavl)(2xCDr) Spirals Of Involution SOI 041 Russia 2004 Sell This Version
PTYT 007 Pan Sonic - Katodivaihe = Cathodephase album art Pan Sonic Katodivaihe = Cathodephase (Album) Blast First Petite PTYT 007 UK 2007 Sell This Version
PTYT 014 Pan Sonic - "Shall I Download A Blackhole And Offer It To You" Live In Berlin 15.11.2007 album art Pan Sonic . Haino Keiji* Pan Sonic . Haino Keiji* - "Shall I Download A Blackhole And Offer It To You" Live In Berlin 15.11.2007(CD, Album) Blast First Petite PTYT 014 US 2009 Sell This Version
PTYT 045 Pan Sonic - Gravitoni album art Pan Sonic Gravitoni(CD, Album) Blast First Petite PTYT 045 UK 2010 Sell This Version
PTYT 043 Pan Sonic - In The Studio album art Pan Sonic . Haino Keiji* Pan Sonic . Haino Keiji* - In The Studio(2xLP, Ltd) Blast First Petite PTYT 043 UK 2010 Sell This Version
KVITNU 33 Pan Sonic - Oksastus album art Pan Sonic Oksastus (Album) Kvitnu KVITNU 33 Ukraine 2014 Sell This Version
PTYT 086 LP Pan Sonic - Atomin Paluu (A Film Soundtrack) album art Pan Sonic Atomin Paluu (A Film Soundtrack) (Album) Blast First Petite PTYT 086 LP USA & Europe 2016 Sell This Version
PTYT 092CD Pan Sonic - Turku Moai - Live On Rapa Nui album art Pan Sonic Turku Moai - Live On Rapa Nui(CD, Album, Ltd) Blast First Petite PTYT 092CD UK 2019 Sell This Version
DS42/2 Pan Sonic - Microwaves album art Alter Ego (9) + Pan Sonic Alter Ego (9) + Pan Sonic - Microwaves(LP, Album, Ltd) Die Schachtel DS42/2 Italy 2021 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

SÄHKÖ-007 Pan Sonic - Panasonic EP album art Panasonic* Panasonic EP (EP) Sähkö Recordings SÄHKÖ-007 Finland 1994 Sell This Version
BFFP118P Pan Sonic - Four Tracks From The Album "Vakio" album art Panasonic* Four Tracks From The Album "Vakio"(12", Ltd, Pic, Promo) Blast First BFFP118P UK 1995 Sell This Version
BFFP118T Pan Sonic - Vakio - Sampler album art Panasonic* Vakio - Sampler(10", Ltd, Smplr, Cle) Blast First BFFP118T UK 1995 Sell This Version
BFFP128 Pan Sonic - Osasto EP album art Panasonic* Osasto EP (EP) Blast First BFFP128 UK 1996 Sell This Version
BFFP 1491K Pan Sonic - Arctic Rangers album art Pan-Sonic* Arctic Rangers(2x7", Ltd) Blast First BFFP 1491K UK 1998 Sell This Version

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June 21, 2021
Pan Sonic : Amazing Strange Sharp Noisy Loud and more than you can think .i'm not the biggest fan just love it and my neigbours find me a madman that i listen to this.So wat ?


April 27, 2007
edited over 15 years ago
Confusing and thrilling and everything you never wanted to know about white noise but were afraid to ask. Pan(a)sonic is 'everything but' in many ways - at first subversively taking down world's leading electronic corporation, before the latter's forces took them down back. Music? What is music in Pan(a)sonic's case of impressive A's and B's? Whether on record or playing live, they prove making noise is a difficult job - it is not entertaining but it is one of the purest sound essence instalments you can truly feel as your body twitches to its high or low volumes. Beware - music which escapes the loudspeaker, invisible sound force that might damage your insides... or maybe stimulate them. Think of all the orgasms you might have experienced while listening to Pan(a)sonic and never really noticed. Too bad. Nice experience. Check it out next time. Concentrate. The art of noise in its truest sense.


September 17, 2003
Other memorable Pan sonic prank was, of course, the group's original name nicked from the famous electronics manufacturer, which must have caused many frustrations to their record label. As Toshiba, the Panasonic Electronics' biggest competitor in Japan had plans to licence the group's music from Blast First, the change of name seemed to become more probable all the time. The latest news tell that after having been contacted by the lawyers of Panasonic USA, who threatened the act and their record label with legal actions, from spring 1998 onwards the duo is officially to be called Pan Sonic. Thus were also crushed Ilpo's hopes that the band would have been sponsored by their electronics giant namesake...


August 2, 2003
Good to note, these guys <i>will</i> stress your speakers if you try to play them too loud, and don't judge the volume by the first bits you hear. They love to play around with the psychoacoustic effect of placing really loud noises next to really soft noises to increase the perceptual volume. They also do a lot of stuff that sounds as if it goes above and beyond the frequency rating of most speakers (and human hearing capabilities.) Some have debated that even though you cannot hear them, if you speakers can reproduce them, these sub and super sounds effect the impact of the sounds you can hear.

Due to how clean and powerful the sounds are, I have found that Pan Sonic tracks make excellent referencing CDs when testing out new audio equipment in a store. There is very little background hiss at all, if any, and the great range of frequency and volume really gives you a solid feel for what the testing equipment can do.

Technical advisories and notes aside, these guys do some great experimental stuff. I usually save listening to their CDs for those times when I can shut off the lights, lean back in a chair, and enter alien worlds of sound with no disturbances. Haunting and powerful stuff.

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