TS Brooks

TS Brooks

American singer-songwriter based in Berlin.

Ask T.S. Brooks, and he'll say his music lies halfway between the city and the country. But he admits to the casual listener it could come across as none of that. Nevertheless he straddles two extremes - that of the noise of anonymity, and the soothing flow of isolation.

Admittedly influenced by artists such as Townes Van Zandt, Neil Young, and Lou Reed, Brooks paints pictures that allow the listener to bask in the light of detachment; in a place where you can hear yourself listening.


For some ten years, T.S. Brooks cut his teeth in the American
indie-psych band, Minmae. When that was over, Brooks moved to Europe to pursue folk music full time, free of the joys and follies that come with the former. In Berlin he found a thriving acoustic scene, and the
city's many basement venues and house shows suited the intimacy of his music, as well as providing a platform for its urgency.

Upon arrival, Brooks had just released his first album, 'Tertiary
Allotment Is A Delightfulness' on San Francisco, California's
Snowstorm Music. In the two years since he has gone on to release 'The Spanish Years', recorded during a month in the outskirts of Barcelona, Spain, and the epic 'Alles Gute', recorded in old Friedrichshain
factory in Berlin. Between these two albums, Brooks also recorded a limited edition 12" ep on House of Plenty.

His most recent album, album,'Skyhooks', was self-released in 2013. Greywood Records released T.S. Brooks' 'best of...' digital-only album, 'A Network of Flickering Lights (2009-2015)' this year.
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GWR003 TS Brooks Tertiary Allotment Is A Delightfulness(CD, Album) Greywood Records GWR003 Germany 2015 Sell This Version
GWR005 TS Brooks Alles Gute(CD, Album) Greywood Records GWR005 Germany 2015 Sell This Version
GWR004 TS Brooks The Spanish Years(CD, Album) Greywood Records GWR004 Germany 2015 Sell This Version

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