The Hollywood Flames


The Hollywood Flames were formed as the Flames in 1948. They were also known as the Four Flames, Hollywood Four Flames, the Jets, the Ebbtides and the Satellites during their various incarnations. The group recorded for various imprints including Hollywood, Specialty, Lucky, Swingtime, Money, amongst others.

Members circa 1951: Clyde Tillis, David Ford, Bobby Day (Robert Byrd), Curlee/Curley Dinkins, Willie Ray Rockwell
Members late 50s: Earl Nelson, Ray Brewster, Eddie Williams, David Ford, Curtis Williams
Aliases:Bobby Day & The Satellites, Earl Nelson & The Pelicans, The ? Marks, The Fellows (6), The Four Flames, The Jets (17), The Original Turks, The Satellites (7), The Tangiers (3), The Turks
Members:Curlee Dinkins, Curtis Williams (3), David Ford (5), Donald Height, Earl Nelson, Eddie Williams (4), Gaynel Hodge, Prentice Moreland, ray brewster, Robert Byrd
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