Erato (2)

Real Name:Erato

Ever Since their debut in ’93 Erato has always put the song first. Together with strong live performances.
Winning the first Gothrally in ’97 has put them on the map in the Belgian dark alternative music scene as upcoming gothrock promise.
Over the years ERATO has been living up to this reputation playing strong sets of honest contemporary dark rock on several stages in Belgium as abroad.
Their music, a rare blend of the purest new-wave sound of the eighties and contemporary rock, has conquered the hearts of many and has put them on stage together with bands as the Sisters of Mercy, Skeletal Family, Ikon, Violet Stigmata, the Cruxshadows, Two Witches, Faith and The Muse... and many others.
Armed with a persistent fan base and a strong D.I.Y.-attitude, Erato has released 4 albums that have reached music lovers all over the world.
Today Erato is a full option live band that guarantees a whole new live experience with nostalgic touch.
Erato continues what it always done best: playing great songs with heart and no compromises. , , Facebook , MySpace , , Facebook


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