Slipknot is a metal band from Des Moines, Iowa, formed by vocalist Anders Colsefni, percussionist Shawn Crahan and bassist Paul Gray (3) in September 1995. At first, they called themselves "The Pale Ones", then debuted as "Meld" on November 5, 1995, and finally settled on "Slipknot", a suggestion by drummer Jordison. They also performed at least two shows in June 1996 under the moniker "Pygsystem".
Since their inception, the band went through various lineup changes and eventually ended up with nine members shortly before their signing to Roadrunner Records in July 1998, to which they remained signed until April 1, 2023. Their best known lineup was completed with the addition of guitarist James Root in January 1999; it would last until the death of Gray on May 24, 2010, and Jordison's firing on December 12, 2013. Subsequently, Alessandro Venturella and Jay Weinberg were brought in as replacements on bass and drums, respectively. In early 2019, Fehn was fired and replaced by Michael Pfaff. In June 2023, the band announced their split from sampler and keyboarder Craig Jones, whose position was filled by a currently unidentified person. In October that year, they also announced their split from drummer Jay Weinberg.

Anders Colsefni - vocals, percussion (September 1995–September 1997)
Brandon Darner - percussion (July–August 1998)
Chris Fehn - percussion (1998–March 2019)
Craig Jones (2) - sampling, keyboards (March 1996–June 2023)
Donnie Steele - lead and rhythm guitars (September 1995–1996), bass guitar (2011–2014)
Greg Welts - percussion (September 1997–July 1998)
Joey Jordison - drums (September 1995–December 2013, † July 2021)
Josh Brainard - lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals (September 1995–January 1999)
Kun P. Nong - guitar (September 1995, rehearsals only)
Paul Gray (3) - bass guitar (September 1995–† May 2010)
Jay Weinberg - drums (2013–2023) , Facebook , Instagram , X , YouTube , MySpace , , Wikipedia
Members:Alessandro Venturella, Andy Rouw, Brandon Darner, Chris Fehn, Corey Taylor, Craig Jones (2), Donnie Steele, Greg Welts, James Root, Jay Weinberg, Joey Jordison, Josh Brainard, Kun P. Nong, Michael Pfaff, Mick Thomson, Paul Gray (3), Shawn Crahan, Sid Wilson
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