Metal/Alt. rock band from Bristol, UK. After the release of 'One Minute Science' many of the members left the group, leaving Jon Harris as the main driving force of the project. This led to a rotation of musicians, including drummer Mark Richardson, who almost took of a full time role but instead went to play for Feeder after the death of their drummer Jon Lee. The group's follow-up 'Two Minute Terror' was released in 2009 with Harris and Ian Maclaren as the two focal forces at the helm, gracing fans with the single 'One Of A Twin' and a cover of David Bowie's 'Ashes To Ashes', as well as the song 'Spider', which had been originally written for 'Spider-Man 2'.
By the time the album 'After The Third Pin' was released Jon Harris had taken full command of the group, not only writing and recording all the songs, but also provided instrumentation for the majority of the record's run time. Drummers were brought in, including the likes of Josh Clark and Mark Richardson, with guest slots on 'Feel The Blade' featuring Sid Harris & Alex Clemetson on guitars & bass respectfully. Sunna's last LP '4 Global Mourning' carried on the same tradition, with Jon Harris providing the vast majority of the runtime's input. Since then the odd single/ep has popped up on the project's bandcamp, with rumours of a 5th album always being whispered on the official FB page.

Past Members:
Tim Harris - Drums (1996-2000)
Ian Maclaren - Lead Guitar
Mark Richardson - Drums (2001-2002)
Dave Jenkins - Electronics
Alex Clemetson - Bass Guitar
Shane "Shane-O" Goodwin - Bass (2000-2001)
Jim Harris - Bass (2001-2002)
Mark "Flatline" Cahill - DJ (2000-2002)

Sites:Bandcamp , , Facebook , Wikipedia
Members:Alex Clemetson, Dave Jenkins (7), Flatline (6), Ian MacLaren, Jon Harris, Mark Richardson (5), Shane Goodwin, Tim Harris (7)




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