Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails

Alternative Rock (Modern Rock) band from Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Nine Inch Nails (abbreviated as NIN) was formed in 1988 by Trent Reznor in Cleveland, Ohio. Reznor has served as the main producer, singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and sole member of Nine Inch Nails for 28 years. This changed in December 2016 when Atticus Ross officially became the second member of the band. Nine Inch Nails straddles a wide range of many styles of rock music and other genres that require an electronic sound, which can often cause drastic changes in sound from album to album. However NIN albums in general have many identifiable characteristics in common, such as recurring leitmotifs, chromatic melodies, dissonance, terraced dynamics and common lyrical themes. Nine Inch Nails is most famously known for the melding of industrial elements with pop sensibilities in their first albums. This move was considered instrumental in bringing the industrial genre as a whole into the mainstream, although genre purists and Trent Reznor alike have refused to identify NIN as an industrial band.

Nine Inch Nails Discography


Nine Inch Nails Sampler 'Pretty Hate Machine' TVT Records US 1989 Sell This Version
Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine (Album) TVT Records, TVT Records US 1989 Sell This Version
Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral (Album, Comp) Nothing Records, Interscope Records, TVT Records, Atlantic, Nothing Records, Interscope Records, TVT Records, Atlantic US 1994 Sell This Version
Nine Inch Nails Further Down The Spiral (Album) Nothing Records Taiwan 1995 Sell This Version
1000463.101.US, 1000463.201.US, 1000463.221.US Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails - Quake(CD, Enh, RE) id Software, id Software, id Software 1000463.101.US, 1000463.201.US, 1000463.221.US US 1996 Sell This Version
Nine Inch Nails The Fragile (Album) Nothing Records, Interscope Records US 1999 Sell This Version
UMCF-4635-2 Nine Inch Nails And All That Could Have Been (Snippets From Both "Live" And "Still")(CD, Promo, Smplr) Nothing Records UMCF-4635-2 Canada 2001 Sell This Version
Nine Inch Nails And All That Could Have Been (Live) (Album) Nothing Records, Interscope Records US 2001 Sell This Version
Nine Inch Nails With Teeth (Album) Nothing Records Australia 2005 Sell This Version
Nine Inch Nails Year Zero (Album) Interscope Records US 2007 Sell This Version
Nine Inch Nails Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D (Album) Interscope Records Taiwan 2007 Sell This Version
Nine Inch Nails The Slip (Album) The Null Corporation US 2008 Sell This Version
Nine Inch Nails Ghosts I-IV (Album) The Null Corporation Australia 2008 Sell This Version
Nine Inch Nails Hesitation Marks (Album) Columbia Records Japan 2013 Sell This Version
Coil / Nine Inch Nails Coil / Nine Inch Nails - Recoiled (Comp) Cold Spring UK 2014 Sell This Version
Nine Inch Nails The Fragile: Deviations 1 (Album) Nothing Records, Nothing Records US 2016 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

Nine Inch Nails Down In It (Single, EP) TVT Records, TVT Records US 1989 Sell This Version
Nine Inch Nails Head Like A Hole (Maxi, Single) TVT Records Australia 1990 Sell This Version
Nine Inch Nails Sin (Single, Maxi) TVT Records US 1990 Sell This Version
663 875 Nine Inch Nails You Get What You Deserve(CD, Maxi, Ltd, Promo) Island Records, TVT Records 663 875 Germany 1990 Sell This Version
Nine Inch Nails Physical (Single) Interscope Records US 1992 Sell This Version
Nine Inch Nails Fixed (EP, MiniAlbum) Nothing Records, TVT Records, Interscope Records, Atlantic South Korea 1992 Sell This Version
Nine Inch Nails Broken (EP, MiniAlbum) Nothing Records, TVT Records, Interscope Records, Atlantic, Nothing Records, TVT Records, Interscope Records, Atlantic Canada 1992 Sell This Version
Nine Inch Nails Wish (Single) Interscope Records, Interscope Records UK 1992 Sell This Version
Nine Inch Nails Happiness In Slavery (Single) Interscope Records US 1992 Sell This Version

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June 3, 2017
Re: Reissues and new EP vinyl

Hmmmm "spring 2017" is almost over. Reissues and new EP announced December 2016 and up for sale with immediate hi-res downloads... Honestly I would be happier to pay only for the hi res digital and buy the vinyl when they are actually a record store. Now almost at a 6 month wait period? Ridiculous.

How many here threw down (a lot of) money to since that's the only outlet to purchase these vinyl reissues?


February 13, 2017
Soooooo when do we get our physical components for Not The Actual Events?
Anyone have any idea?


December 22, 2016
.FLAC 24/96 downloads now available for anyone who buys the new reissue vinyl albums.


December 16, 2016


February 3, 2014
Huge artist, highly influential across disciplines, this album move you, inspire, revolutionize. Long live the king


November 11, 2009
Trent Reznor aka Nine Inch Nails a quintessential industrial rock artist or pathetic poster boy for alternative music in the 90's? The end of 2009 and it turned out that he was to be neither of them. Instead, what we are left with at the end of it all, as Nine Inch Nails "waved goodbye" in 2009, was an artist with scope, savy (business and otherwise) and a man with a huge flourishing talent that, in my opinion, still hasn't peaked. After 2005 and after With Teeth, a newly re-energised Trent Reznor emerged, released a final studio album, Year Zero, with his then Rec Co. Interscope, and set off on a path of reinventing the way an artist could and should work. He essentially fired his record company, set up his own deal, The Null Corporation, and released the massively popular instrumental album Ghosts and in doing so roped every single fan he gathered up over the years and brought them into his world, all the while remaining a mystery. No tabloid baiting bullshit, no hype and most importantly no vacuous pseudo posturing, just music no strings attached and literally so as he released his last studio album The Slip completely for free.

Whether you like Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor or you don't, the fact remains that he has dared to go where very few artists of his league and bigger have not dared to go, to lose the shackles of a secure deal and a guaranteed pay check of a major record company. Whether he is a genius or not is not important, whether his music is massively popular or not is not important, whether he produces anymore music heading into the next decade or doesn't is not important. What is important is that he had a vision, he knew he had the talent and that he had the balls to start tearing down the status quo of the current music business model and to start building his own. If you're a musician or you're not, or you're inspired by Trent Reznor's music or you're not, the one thing, I think we can all find inspiration in, is the fact that one man did it on his own and as cheesy as this sounds if he could so can the rest of us. ART IS, RESISTANCE.


December 26, 2006
edited over 10 years ago
Nine Inch Nails is the reason I listen to the music I do, whether because of a remix credit or liner note, collaboration, Nothing Records label-mates, supporting acts, etc., I can trace everything back to Trent Reznor somehow or another, sometimes intentionally other times not. From my first introduction listening to Broken and then Pretty Hate Machine, to the hook-line-and-sinker Industrial Rock played-out "Closer", to the dense double-disc The Fragile, to whatever direction Trent takes his music next, I don't think anyone can deny the musical innovation, integrity, and respect due to Trent.

I personally think that The Downward Spiral is an absolute masterpiece. Pretty Hate Machine is a great early industrial rock near-synth pop album, Broken is just full of metal angst, The Fragile is a terse and complicated listening adventure, and With Teeth is almost a visitation to earlier influences with new perspectives, I still feel TDS is the strongest and tighest audio journey with perfect industrial anthems and hymns.

I think once musicians drop the drugs and go clean their music somehow lacks he same punch as it did prior, and I feel With Teeth illustrates that. But I'd rather have a living Reznor with more albums (assumably 1-2 per decade) than bother having to just collect re-releases. And I don't think at all Reznor is finished, I think he'll prove to be a next-generation David Bowie of industrial rock, on the fringe but to be cited endlessly as an influence. And I hope that's how it plays out.

I would ask Reznor to cut back on all the live video releases, as great as the live stuff works it looks much better in person than staring casually at it in my living room full of interruptions. And aside from continued releases from NIN, I'd love to see more collaborative involvement and maybe someday all the never-to-be-released stuff to surface somehow (like Tapeworm...).


September 20, 2006
edited over 11 years ago
Nine inch nails are a group that has influenced music whether we like it or not. Yes Reznor was a poster boy for teens in the 90's but was that his choice? No. I'm from Europe and to be honest I never even heard of NIN until about a year ago.
There was no real hype about NIN over here or at least no where near as much as stateside so I do not see Reznor as some kind of musical sell out.

NIN has made some of the best written songs to ever come out of the 90's (Hurt, No You Don't , Wish, Piggy, The great below etc) so I don't see why people are questioning that aspect of NIN.

With The Fragile Reznor made one of the albums of the 90's if not the album of the 90's and even though I only got into NIN last year it doesn’t mean I don’t listen to any music back then its just anything from that era I did listen to was pure crap or average at best. Now that’s not to say NIN has flaws. Allot of His work is over produced, he takes too long to make an album (with teeth could be his last) and with has also stopped the steady climb of class that The Downward Spiral and The Fragile had created. But all in all NIN is one of the great alternative groups out there and will always be.


April 20, 2006
edited over 11 years ago
Surprise, surprise - NIN weren't always about music for soccer moms and bored housewives. In fact, you can see a huge improvement from "Pretty Hate Machine" empty youthful anger to more refined lyrical and musical approach on "Broken" and nearly anything done up to 1995 (skip the hit "Closer" (also called "I wanna fcuk You like an animal" by radio listeners) as it became notoriously stale after awhile. After that period, Trent apparently lost a bit of his songwriting abilities. Apparently he have a taste - after all, Coil is one of his favorite bands and he also helped them out somewhat. Coil were also featured on "Further Down A Spiral" which is, quite possibly, one of the best remix albums ever done by anyone, period. But then we also have stinkers like afromentioned "Closer" and his latest "With Teeth" which sounds as if though he is really lazy. See - i'm sure that by now most of his fans (as well as non-fans) will buy anything with the word NIN written on it, even he will produce blank records and call them 4.33 #1, #2 and so on. Its a tragic end for a band/performer which seemed to be going somewhere, but lost it completely and never recovered.


February 22, 2005
edited over 12 years ago
I think first of all like many have said before me.
"This is not industrial" this is electronic pop. Trent Reznor career its not so far away from Britney Spear, Limp Bizkit and the rest of the crowd of "artists" included in the pop show bussiness.His music contains all the "drama" of a pop star and its "despair" and supposedly visionary thoughts and the musician supreme capabilities of a Mozart according to the fans and the critics that avail his work.
Critics and popularity for one instance doesnt mean a thing when it comes to judge what its great and what its not. if that would be the case we should put Eminem in a throne of a master visionary as many music critics, their fans and some intellectuals pretend. But we know he is not.
And we know Trent its not too becouse theres nothing REALLY innovative in his music aside from the fact that he transformed industrial music in something "listenable,popular and understandable".
Yes theres some originality in some parts of his albums, some good moments and ideas but thats all about it.
We cannot forget the fact that NIN's albums were produced by a big company, with masterminds of electronic production and digital assistance such as:flood,John Fryer,Chris Vrenna and lots of others. We cannot forget as well the long hard road other bands walked through before NIN, and that not just include Skinny Puppy but many genious behind like Einsturzende Neubauten, Coil, Throbbing Gristle, SPK, etc etc.
Its easy to make an album like "pretty hate machine" having a predecesor as Nitzer ebb, skinny puppy or keith leblanc around the corner. you just cut and paste.amd then you add some teenager angst lyrics in between, some sexual references, some insults and profanities about god and religions and thats it. you got "pretty hate machine"
Then we have "Broken" basically the same "pretty hate machine" with more drones and layers, a better album without a doubt and much more agressive, that made NIN world wide known, by producing not a masterpiece but an album that sells, and sells becouse it is well done, it is easy to catch, easy to understand, easy to obtain. its a mix of metal frenzy and some unrelentless assault of machinery through the envelope of lyrics teen provocative lyricism Music for the masses.
Then comes the victimized "Downward spiral". stolen or not. it is just the projection of the previous release with much better production and better equipment. same silly lyrics as previous album, and again some "pretty hate machine" obvious references.
The fragile could be called a masterpiece, a modern jewel of music, the master ouvre only compared to pink floyd (Which only a big mouth could compare) but to the ears of anyone who really knows about music it is just another electronic work, not above not below the mainstream, a bit better development in the lyric section and a frankly demonstration of boredom and silly minimalism in the musical side.
Nine Inch Nails another band to the history of the massive music production of music, a band who captured an audience in a specific period of time like many others did in the past. Lets see what time and enthropy does with them.

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