Lazarus Blackstar

Sludge/Doom from Bradford/Liverpool

Formerly called Khang. Bryan Outlaw(Threads) quit during the process of writing Khang's second LP because he disliked the direction the music was going in (too slow and heavy). The band recorded the album anyway without vocals. A mutual friend suggested that Paul Catten (The Sontaran Experiment), a vocalist the band admires, could use the position, so they let him hear the CD and 30 seconds into the first track he said he needed to be involved. They changed their name during the recording of the 2004 demo because the feel was much different from Khang, and Lazarus Blackstar was born. In March 2008 Mikhell replaced Paul on vocals.

Former Members

Bryan Outlaw (Khang, Threads)
Paul Catten (Murder One (UK), Medulla Nocte, Co-Exist, The Sontaran Experiment)

Rich Savage (Khang, Serenity (UK),Gods of Hellfire)

Gary Riley (Khang, Serenity (UK))
Rick Miah (Khang, My Dying Bride, Abiosis)

Actual Members:

Mikhell Chernobyl - Vocals,
Leecifur - Guitar,
Izak Gloom - Guitar,
Bri Doom - Bass,
Gordoomwillkillsomeone - Drums
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