Nilesh Patel mitchck

October 9, 2016
Every avenue I go down seems to involve his name somehow or other. A truly talented man. 5 years on and his mastering work still resonates louder than ever before. RIP!

Nilesh Patel DjKidCorruption

June 22, 2016
5 years on and your mastering efforts still as revered as when you was alive :( No point saying how good you are in the electronic music game, let the sounds u brightened on wax speak for themselves. (I have too many to name). Any collector of electronic music vinyl I dare u to look through your collection and see if YOU DON'T own a ----> ''NILZ'' (etched on run out groove) mastered record. This guy mastered everything and anything out there, oddly should be part of a ''music hall of fame'' if one existed for after production/mastering. His efforts will be ETCHED in time as more and more of his work becomes more sought after by new generations of vinyl lovers. R.I.P.

Nilesh Patel tangee

October 3, 2015
Thanks Nilz...You Mastered Some Great Music..

Nilesh Patel as reviewed by timmyriz

August 20, 2015
The music truly does sound better with you. Missed but never forgotten. R.I.P Nilz.

Nilesh Patel chrisnova777

November 19, 2014
edited 2 months ago
RIP NILESH people underestimate the importance of a mastering engineer.. this guys name was on too many of my fave records etched in the groove...... thank u Nilz

Nilesh Patel dylaf

September 21, 2013
edited over 3 years ago
A vast majority of great records I bought in the UK right through the 90's had one reoccurring name in the run out wax- NILZ. Great to see a personal legend (always wondered who he was & somehow felt a sense of heart towards this mysterious figure) immortalised here with his own page. Sometimes its what you leave behind in life that cements your existence forever & touches more people than you could possibly meet in linear terms- its called SOUL. R.I.P Nilz

Nilesh Patel backindauk_

December 26, 2011
Nil; one of the few mastering engineers who could actually polish a turd - turn budget production into a huge sounding and selling record (too many examples to mention!). A genuinely nice guy; a helpful and kind human being. Not to mention an incredibly talented pair of ears!

Nilesh Patel BalooDP

December 25, 2011
Mastered so many house classics...RIP.

Nilesh Patel as reviewed by Alex_Celler

December 22, 2011
edited over 5 years ago
The owner of Bliq Records, and myself mastered for last time with Nilesh 10.30am at the 20th of December 2011, less that one day before his untimely death the very next morning at the age of only 46. We are left in deep shock - this is just unreal. Nilesh was truly one of a kind mastering engineer, with a sound so distinguished you would know it was him just by setting the needle on the record. Always smiling, the kindest soul i've ever met, a true gentleman and professional beyond compare, he mastered everyone from in the electronic dance scene, from Plastikman to Daft Punk and from Bjork to Armand Van Helden and most of the techno producers around. Most definitely EDM's best kept secret and unsung hero. I have also been honored to master with him more than 15 of my tracks and i always left thinking ''what would we ever do without Nilz?'' He made every single one of us - producers and label owners - sound so much better than what we truly are. He gave our music the punch, the loudness and the final touch of magic needed for our tracks to sound professional. His sound has defined many genres during the last 20 years and his heritage is extremely important to a whole generation of electronic music artists and the music business in general. This is a very sad day for all of us. Nilesh, our prayers and love is with your soul. You will be forever sadly missed and close to our hearts. May your soul rest in the hands of God. RIP

Nilesh Patel Brisk

December 22, 2011
100% agreed, his back catalogue of engineering work speaks for itself. RIP.

Nilesh Patel C.O.F

May 16, 2012
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Nilesh Patel shiro786

December 21, 2011
RIP Nilz. You are a fucking legend in my books.

Nilesh Patel zenki14

December 21, 2011
too true...i only just found out. RIP NILZ. it's a sad day for EDM.

Nilesh Patel ninetales

April 12, 2010
the material nilz has mastered over the years is stunning - surely the unsung master of electronic music