Noel "Scully" Simms

Real Name:Noel Bartholomew Simms

Noel "Scully" Simms (born 1935, Kingston, Jamaica – died 4 February 2017, Kingston, Jamaica) was a Jamaican ska, rocksteady and reggae foundation singer and multi-instrumentalist. He began his musical career in the 1950's, singing alongside his schoolfriend Arthur "Bunny" Robinson in a duo known as Simms And Robinson, later Bunny & Skully. They are arguably the first Jamaican artists to release a record single. Later in life Scully lost his sight to glaucoma and despite this he continued to write and record songs. He is considered as one of Jamaica's most gifted percussionists and collaborated on numerous recordings. His nickname is variously spelled as "Scully" or "Skully".

Aliases:Mr. Foundation, Zoot Simms
In Groups:Bunny & Skully, Busty & Cool, Channel One All Stars, Gifted Roots Band, Hi-Times Band, Jamaica All Stars (2), Simms And Robinson, Sims And Elmond, The Aggrovators, The Black Disciples, The Freedom Singers, The Revolutionaries, The Roots Radics, The Soul Syndicate, The Upsetters, Tommy McCook & The Supersonics, The Uniques
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