Λucifer (pronounced "Lucifer") were created as part of a cross-platform marketing plan to promote the anime television series, 快感 フレーズ (Kaikan Phrase). The show followed the life of a fictional band called Λucifer, and so a real world counterpart was assembled to recorded and tour Japan under the Λucifer name. Some members took on the names of their fictional counterparts while performing, though the lead singer kept his real name and one guitar coincidentally shared the same name as his fictional counterpart.
Though 快感 フレーズ ended in 2000, Λucifer continued to record and tour together until 2003, and have reunited for touring two times since then.

The line-up and their aliases are:
Guitar - Daisuke Kato under the alias Atsuro
Guitar - Masahiko Yuki who shared the same name as his fictional counterpart, Yuki
Bass - Taguchi Tomonori under the alias Towa (3)
Drums - Toru Abe under the alias Santa (14)
Vocals - Makoto Koshinaka not using an alias from the TV series.


Λucifer Discography Tracks


PCCM-00005 Λucifer Limit Control(CD, Album) Unlimited Records (2) PCCM-00005 Japan 1999 Sell This Version
POCE-8203 Λucifer Beatrip(CD, Album) Unlimited Records (2) POCE-8203 Japan 2001 Sell This Version
POCE-8206 Λucifer Element Of Love(CD, Album) Unlimited Records (2) POCE-8206 Japan 2002 Sell This Version