Jaques Lueder

Real Name:
Jan Andersson
Jan Andersson started to DJ in 1996 and shortly thereafter he also bought his first sampler. He started his own label Cutting Pleasure primarily to get an outlet for his productions, but also for other producers working in the same vein.

He also co-founded the electronica label Electronic Desert, which also is a monthly club featuring contemporary electronic music. He runs a techno club called Bageriet. Then there's Techstylism that started out as a yearly bigger event and now has evolved into a well frequented website, booking agency and more.

Singles & EPs

Jaques Lueder - You Can Run But You Can't Hide EP album art Jaques Lueder You Can Run But You Can't Hide EP (EP) Cutting Pleasure Sweden 2001 Sell This Version
Jaques Lueder - Tactic / Unrest album art Jaques Lueder Tactic / Unrest Cutting Pleasure Sweden 2001 Sell This Version
Jaques Lueder - Changing Channel album art Jaques Lueder Changing Channel Cutting Pleasure Sweden 2002 Sell This Version


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July 22, 2010
In the early 00's there were something like 60 house and techno labels in Sweden. A pre-discogs site called Stjärtlapp catalogued all of them, and I recall browsing it in amazement at their staggering output - how did our meatball-munching neighbours suddenly become such an industrious bastion of dance music? Unfortunately, a lot of the Swedish techno followed the same predictable template - endless variations of The Boring Loop, complete with that squashed, over-compressed production. But there were exceptions, and Jaques Lueder was one of them. Hiding behind a joke name which is very dry indeed (and lost on non-Swedes), the three 12"es he released on his own Cutting Pleasure label are excellent dark and heavy techno records with a distinct, ominous sound that separates them from the nondescript Prime-distributed "swechno" that saturated the genre at the time. I remember seeing numerous copies floating around last time I was in Stockholm, and they're easily available online too, so if you like smart, fierce post-2K techno you know what to do.

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