Andy Garibaldi

Real Name:
Andy Garibaldi
Also known more world-wide as Andy G or Andy Gee, Andy was based in Staffordshire and ran the prog/experimental/synth music division of Mike Lloyd Music under the guise of Lotus Records, a mail-order business that existed from 1979 through to 1996. MLM had 5 retail shops, the pioneering mail order, as well as a wholesale divison and more, all run and overseen by Andy. In 1983, Lotus Records joined with Inkeys cassette fanzine to organise and promote the first annual "UK Electronica Festival" at Milton Keynes in 1983, followed by further ones at Sheffield and Stafford through to 1990 when others took over the legacy we'd begun. In 1996, Andy left MLM to join CD Services mail order in Dundee, discovering and promoting hundreds and hundreds of new bands and artists via his 10 mail order catalogues covering all manner of specialist genres from Electronic to space-rock, industrial to fusion. At this point, Andy began his own Dead Earnest CD label, which ultimately released 13 albums including the likes of space-rockers Krel, Spacehead, Space Mirrors and Secret Saucer, as well as electronic artist Mooch, Dundee's home grown Mr Spider, Hennissi and Paula Knight, plus the ground-breaking album from Doug Snyder & Bob Thompson. In 2006, he started to promote gigs around Dundee and went on to become one of the city's leading promotors of original Scottish bands, hotly followed by a 6 year radio show for Radio North Angus, uniquely featuring all emerging and unknown bands from Scotland and world-wide, of which that legacy continues to this day via a weekly radio show available world-wide on Bblished ridge-FM out of Dundee. Currently Andy is still doing reviews, and is arguably one of the leading music reviewers for the past four decades. Dead Earnest as a label is now finished, but Andy is currently writing his autobiography of a life in music retail, music and more, which he hopes to have published in 2022, if not before.