John Squire

Real Name:Jonathan Thomas Squire

English musician and painter, born 24 November 1962 in Broadheath, Altrincham. Most famous for being the guitarist of The Stone Roses, whose sleeve artwork incorporated Squire's painting. Has previously worked on a TV adaptation of The Wind In The Willows at an animation studio at Cosgrove Hall, Chorlton, Greater Manchester (UK). After the demise of The Stone Roses (1983-1996), Squire was involved in The Seahorses (1996-1999) and The Shining (3) (1999-2000), which he left before they actually became The Shining. Between 2011-2017 he was part of the Stone Roses reunion. He has also made live guest appearances for Oasis (at Knebworth in 1996) and Liam Gallagher (Knebworth 2022), and in occasional projects such as The Waterfront (2) (2018). Squire has recorded 3 solo album but the 3rd has remained uneleased "as he felt that promoting and touring the album would take the fun out of the music, and turn it into a job rather than a hobby" (source: Wikipedia). A 2nd Seahorses album has also remained unreleased. , Wikipedia
In Groups:The Garage Flowers, The Seahorses, The Shining (3), The Stone Roses, The Waterfront (2)
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