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Pizzicato Five (1985-2001) was a Japanese pop group best known to audiences in the West in their later incarnation as a duo of Maki Nomiya and Yasuharu Konishi.

The group was formed in 1985 by Konishi and fellow founding bandmates Keitarō Takanami, Ryō Kamomiya, Mamiko Sasaki, and Shigeo Miyata. Miyata left the group almost immediately but the four remaining members kept the name Pizzicato Five.

Last members:
Yasuharu Konishi (1984–2001) - Songwriter, bass guitar, guitar, keyboards, vocals. Yasuharu Konishi (小西 康陽 Konishi Yasuharu?, born February 3, 1959 in Sapporo, Hokkaido) was the only founding member to stay with the group until the end. He is a music producer now.
Maki Nomiya (1990–2001) - Lead vocal. Maki Nomiya (野宮 真貴 Nomiya Maki?, born March 12, 1960 in Kushiro, Hokkaido) was the third vocalist of this group. She is also a solo singer, a narrator, a fashion model and a dress designer now.

Former members
Keitarō Takanami (1984–1994) - Guitar, keyboards and vocals.
Keitarō Takanami (高浪 慶太郎 Takanami Keitarō?, born May 6, 1960 in Nagasaki, Nagasaki) was one of the founding members, and he is a guitarist and a music producer now. He changed his name to 高浪敬太郎 (Keitarō Takanami) later, and was also known as "K-taro."
Mamiko Sasaki (1984–1987) - Lead vocal. Mamiko Sasaki (佐々木 麻美子 Sasaki Mamiko?) was one of the founding members and was the first vocalist of this group.
Ryō Kamomiya (1984–1987) - Keyboards. Ryō Kamomiya (鴨宮 諒 Kamomiya Ryō?, born March 23, 1962 in Shinjuku, Tokyo) was one of the founding members, and is a composer and an arranger now.
Takao Tajima (1987–1990) - Lead vocal, guitar, harmonica. Takao Tajima (田島 貴男 Tajima Takao?, born April 24, 1966 in Ota, Tokyo) was the second vocalist of this group. He had already come out as Original Love's vocalist then. He is a solo singer and is also a music producer now. , Wikipedia
Aliases:Keitaro Takanami Combo & Orchestra
Members:Keitaro Takanami, Maki Nomiya, Mamiko Sasaki, Ryo Kamomiya, Takao Tajima, Yasuharu Konishi
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