Real Name:
Hans Geurts
Gashunters is a Dutch studio project with pivot songwriter/musician Hans Geurts. The music is a mix of styles, based on melodic pop/rock with proggy edges. More songs than epic tales. With a recognizable, own sound Gashunters music is to be classified as 'progpop from the lowlands'.

Gashunters music is available worldwide, through most providers and radio channels. Special CD-r's, even with personal notes, can be ordered, printed and delivered on special request. Write and send your motivation to [email protected]



GH1301 Gashunters - A Quiet Taste album art Gashunters A Quiet Taste(Album, Str + CDr, CD-ROM, Per) Twoomusic GH1301 Netherlands 2013 Sell This Version
GH1302 Gashunters - A True Man's Home album art Gashunters A True Man's Home(Str + CDr, CD-ROM, Per) Twoomusic GH1302 Netherlands 2013 Sell This Version
GH1402 Gashunters - The End Of The Big Bang album art Gashunters The End Of The Big Bang(Str + CDr, CD-ROM, Per) Twoomusic GH1402 Netherlands 2014 Sell This Version
GH1510 Gashunters - Turn Around album art Gashunters Turn Around(Str + CDr, CD-ROM, Per) Twoomusic GH1510 Netherlands 2015 Sell This Version
GH1605 Gashunters - PIGH album art Gashunters, Dani Rogosic Gashunters, Dani Rogosic - PIGH(Album, Str + CDr, Per) Twoomusic GH1605 Netherlands 2016 Sell This Version
GH1705 Gashunters - .S.I.X.T.H. album art Gashunters .S.I.X.T.H.(Str + CDr, CD-ROM, Per) Twoomusic GH1705 Netherlands 2017 Sell This Version
GH1801 Gashunters - Denim Avenue album art Gashunters, Papa Yabo Gashunters, Papa Yabo - Denim Avenue(Str + CDr, CD-ROM, Per) Twoomusic GH1801 Netherlands 2018 Sell This Version
GH2002 Gashunters - In Search Of Genius album art Gashunters In Search Of Genius(Album, CD-) Twoomusic GH2002 Netherlands 2020

Singles & EPs

GH1401 Gashunters - Frankenstorm Freak album art Gashunters, Rodney Blaze Gashunters, Rodney Blaze - Frankenstorm Freak(Single, Str) Twoomusic GH1401 Netherlands 2014
GH1410 Gashunters - Mellow Inside album art Gashunters Mellow Inside(Single, Str) Twoomusic GH1410 Netherlands 2014
GH1409 Gashunters - Up Down Free album art Gashunters Up Down Free(Single, Str) Twoomusic GH1409 Netherlands 2014
GH1504 Gashunters - Shake It Off album art Gashunters, Dani Rogosic Gashunters, Dani Rogosic - Shake It Off(Single, Str) Twoomusic GH1504 Netherlands 2015
GH1501 Gashunters - Soul Sister album art Gashunters Soul Sister(Single, Str) Twoomusic GH1501 Netherlands 2015
GH1603 Gashunters - The Donkey & The Elephant album art Gashunters The Donkey & The Elephant(EP, Str) Twoomusic GH1603 Netherlands 2016