The Nashville String Machine

Real Name:
The Nashville String Machine
Formed in 1981 by studio violinist and concertmaster Carl Gorodetzky. The Nashville String Machine is a musical collective comprised of session musicians and has a core group of about 15-20 musicians but can increase to include many players. Being a musical collective, the group is always in flux, however four other original members remain in the core group: Carol Gorodetzky, violin; Pam Sixfin, violin; Gary Vanosdale, viola; and Craig Nelson, arco bass. In addition to playing violin,Carl acts as the contractor for the group and his wife, Carol, handles booking and administrative tasks. The Nashville String Machine does mostly studio work, usually for country and Christian artists, but has also done music videos and television specials. When in the studio, the String Machine is recorded live as a group instead of on individual tracks, resulting in a larger, more natural, sound.