Orchestre Miniature In The Park

Orchestre Miniature In The Park

Real Name:
Orchestre Miniature In The Park - OMP
An Army of fools playing songs about the sun and the summer on children instruments.

"We are not a sect, we are not a political party, nor are we a civil rights movement. But we do have a manifesto and it reads SUN, SUMMER, HITS!!!!!! We play the most beautiful Summer Songs and Songs about the Sun on childrens instruments! Our first exposure to the public was on the 10th june 2007 with 33 degrees in the shade of Teutoberger park. In the winter and and under special circumstances we will play inside, but being children of the sun we prefer to play outside in lovely locations. Obviously being a big band it's not always easy to have all the busy creative members in one place at the same time but when we do it's something of a joyous event thats not to be missed!!! And heres some glowing words from the Spanish press about us: " These boys do not have an album on the market, but this do not take away the dream. We point out that it plays together without further data that a good time among friends. This is always to a public with its songs, which forget like Zauberei pills at one time, the end of the summer. "


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