Originally formatted in 1945, AUDINT currently consists of Toby Heys and Steve Goodman/Kode9. Drafted into the research cell in 2009 by IREX2, they have been directed to investigate the ways in which ultrasonic, sonic, and infrasonic frequencies are used to demarcate the soundscape and to subsequently perceive how their martial and civil deployments modulate psychological and physiological states. The information garnered from this research is subsequently utilised to enact installations, performances, books, and films. AUDINT’s multi-sensory installations employ Unsound Systems (directional ultrasonic speakers, bespoke sub woofers, and wearable vibrating SubPacs) in dark humid rooms. Integral to each work is the Dead Record Archive – a chronicle of events, songs, books, scientists, historical figures, technologies, films, laws, etc that pertain to the ways in which frequencies psychologically and physiologically affect humans. This illustrated archive is composed on the insides of vinyl record sleeves. In this way AUDINT use and amplify the other side of sonic culture – the side of the record usually kept in the dark - music as a weapon.


AUDINT Discography


AUD001 AUDINT Martial Hauntology(LP, Tri) AUDINT Records AUD001 UK 2014 Sell This Version