Los Picantes

Los Picantes

Los Picantes are a musical Chilean group of indefinite style, which is characterized by his songs with popular subject-matters and with a vocabulary replete of vulgar language about the Chilean Spanish idiom.

The band formed in July, 2003, then that Claudio Prado (Friend and producer of Douglas), Rodrigo Angles and Nelson ''Sady'' Salgado, changed the letter of a song that they were composing for Douglas, and they uploaded it to Internet. The track was spread by Roberto Artiagoitía more known as ''Rumpy'', in his program ''Club of the Crab of Principal 40'', giving reputation to his creators/composers

The trio suffered the first one break-up when Nelson ''Sady'' Salgado, left the band in 2005, who then formed along with Franco Castillo the group ''Los Rasqueros''.

They first disc was released in August, 2003, titled ''Sin Pelos La Lengua'', which the famous internet song ''Falso Amor'' song was included. Later they would release ''Guarachas, Tonadas Y Cuecas Con Ají'' and ''Dos Caras De La Moneda'' in 2004. In 2007 they released ''Corazón De Chlleno To'o El Año'' including the uncensored cover song ''La Pirilacha'' by Nilda Moya. In 2008, they released the last album ''Evoluchon''.


Los Picantes Discography Tracks


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LM 575690 Los Picantes Dos Caras De La Moneda(CD, Album) Leader Music Chile Ltda. LM 575690 Chile 2004 Sell This Version
LM 575695 Los Picantes Guarachas, Tonadas Y Cuecas Con Ají(CD, Album, Ltd) Leader Music Chile Ltda. LM 575695 Chile 2004 Sell This Version
TK 58171 Los Picantes Corazón De Chileno To'o El Año(CD, Album) Música & Marketing Chile Ltda. TK 58171 Chile 2007 Sell This Version
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