Duane Eddy mysteryzones

July 6, 2013
almost all of the jamie label variants for the early singles are missing :(

Duane Eddy j.priessen

April 18, 2020
Buy the Bear Family box set for all the takes.

Duane Eddy mysteryzones

November 15, 2013
quick update: i managed to find the proper Jamie catalog #'s under the Jamie page, but for some reason they are missing under "Duane Eddy" + "Singles & EPs". crisis averted.

Duane Eddy 72vespa

December 19, 2010
just pick-up a copy of "Especially for You" album on the original "Jamie"label (LP 70-3006) from a thrift store. The album has the SAME music recorded on both sides ! (side two) no side one !!

Has anybody ever heard of this for this album ??

Duane Eddy brianrcollins

April 27, 2019
The exact opposite happened when I bought this album, it had the same label on both sides, but contained all the tracks on each side! I remember playing the first side, but when I turned it over, I thought I had not and kept looking at the same label even though I had turned it over. I took it back to the shop and they stuck a sticky label on side two as they did not have any more records in stock. Now I know why they didn't have enough lables to put on the record!

Duane Eddy 72vespa

January 12, 2011
yep, different label on each side. Is this rare or does this happen often in the LP world ??

Duane Eddy ronisolomondds

January 11, 2011
I have the same album! Same music on both sides, but a different label on each.