Enos McLeod

Real Name:Enos Mc Leod

Jamaican reggae singer and producer born in 1946 in Trenchtown, Kingston.
After working as a cabinet maker and as a boxer (Joe Gibbs employed him as a doorman in his studio in the 1970's), he became a singer and producer with the help of Sid Bucknor at Studio One.
In 1968 he started to record on his own as a solo artist and as a duet with "Sheila" (Enos & Sheila), he was part of the "The Untouchables (32)" and recorded four tracks under the name of "The Preacher (13)" for his own labels "Red Top (2)" and "EML Record"
He moved to Europe in the 1990's.

Aliases:E. McLean, Jah Musso, Vincent McLeod
In Groups:Enos & Sheila, The Untouchables (32)
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