Gojira (2) Metalmakker

April 9, 2021
So if they changed their name to Gojira in 2001, how can Terra Incognita be from 2000?

Gojira (2) remixboy

June 11, 2021
edited 3 months ago
Since the band's name change to Gojira in 2000, officially in 2001

Gojira (2) cdupont

November 29, 2017
Terra is not Gojira's first release. Possessed came out in 1997 as their first full length and is quite a bit more straight forward in it's death metal approach. Surprised its not on here.

Gojira (2) cdupont

November 29, 2017
Sorry this is listed under Godzilla! Discogs has shit covered!

Gojira (2) Vejgaard666

October 12, 2016
Anybody who knows when the Terra incognita vinyl edition will ship out?

Gojira (2) AntaresK9

October 15, 2016
They started shipping everything related to Terra Incognita on September 8 (Saturday); some people already received their order, some others like you and me have yet to receive an email saying it was shipped. Don't know why they're so slow, it didn't happen for previous pre-orders on Listenable's store.

Gojira (2) gdtrvl

October 15, 2016
It did already I got it 2 days ago :)

Gojira (2) neonwolf290

August 29, 2015
Where is the wisdom comes demo they did back in 2000? there last album with the name godzilla.

Gojira (2) EPA322

October 19, 2015
It hasn't been entered. Hopefully someone still has a copy and will enter the information. \m/

Gojira (2) WaxHeartRecordsLtd

November 30, 2012
In 1996, the band, then named "Godzilla" released a demo entitled "Victim," so certainly, the band could not have started in 1997.