Adiemus III

Adiemus can perhaps most conveniently be summarized as a "new age" or "progressive" Karl Jenkins musical project started in the mid nineties.

Karl Jenkins is the composer, conductor and all-around nexus of the ensemble, with a loose, evolving collection of singers and orchestral backing.
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Adiemus - Dances Of Time album art Karl Jenkins / Adiemus III* Karl Jenkins / Adiemus III* - Dances Of Time (Album) Venture, Virgin Russia 1998 Sell This Version


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November 19, 2018
Not sure why people panned it as new age. I only own Adiemus and its a pan cultural mix of African derived chants, European orchestration and Mariam's gossamer vocals to create a hybrid sort of cinema for the mind music. I wasnt expecting something like this to be as good as it is considering Jenkins and Ratlidge where best known for their jazz fusion work in Soft Machine.
The music is less electronic in fact I only think some of the percussion was electronic in nature everything else is acoustic in nature. Beautiful uplifting music that doesnt deserve to be labeled as new age tho it is NEW MUSIC! This is really refined instrumental music that defines genre pigeonholing!

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