Boston Symphony Orchestra


US American symphony orchestra, founded in 1881 by Henry Lee Higginson, currently based at the Symphony Hall in Boston, Massachusetts. It first played at Boston Music Hall (now Orpheum Theatre).

Music Directors:
George Henschel (1881–1884)
Wilhelm Gericke (1884–1889)
Arthur Nikisch (1889–1893)
Emil Paur (1893–1898)
Wilhelm Gericke (1898–1906)
Karl Muck (1906–1908)
Max Fiedler (1908–1912)
Karl Muck (1912–1918)
Henri Rabaud (1918–1919)
Pierre Monteux (1919–1924)
Serge Koussevitzky (1924–1949)
Charles Munch (1949–1962)
Erich Leinsdorf (1962–1969)
William Steinberg (1969–1972)
Seiji Ozawa (1973–2002)
James Levine (2) (2004–2011)
Andris Nelsons (2014–present) , Facebook , X , YouTube , Instagram , MySpace ,
Aliases:Centennial Symphony Orchestra
Members:Adam Esbensen, Ala Jojatu, Albert Bernard, Alexander Velinzon, Alexandre Lecarme, Alfred Genovese, Alfred Krips, Alfred Schneider, Alfred Zighera, Amnon Levy, Andre Come, Andres Vela, Andrew Pearce (2), Andrew Sandwick, Ann Hobson, Armando Ghitalla, Arthur Press, Attilio Poto, Avron Twerdowsky, Ayrton Pinto




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